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10 Quick Formative Assessment Tools That Make Learning Fun

The best formative assessment tools also help students self-reflect and assess, figuring out where they are and where they need to go as learners. Browse the tools below to find one that meets your needs

Chronicle Cloud

Chronicle Cloud is the cloud-based class management system and a digital grade book designed with the simple thought of using technology and integrating teaching tasks, allowing teachers to focus on their passion for teaching. CC is one of the best cloud-based class management apps that helps teachers in note-taking, giving student feedback, taking formative assessments, and using multimedia for making teaching engaging. During the pandemic, it also helped teachers organize frequent individual meetings and interactions with students and the parents via the “Chronicle Cloud Parents App.”


Padlet’s seemingly simple framework— a blank digital “wall”—belies its robust capabilities in assessment, communication, and collaboration. Drag and drop almost any file type to the blank Padlet to share assessments, lessons, or presentations. Students respond with text, photos, or video. Free basic plan includes three Padlets at one time.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck, an add-on for Google Slides, lets educators quickly create formative assessments from flexible templates, turning an ordinary slideshow into an interactive quiz. Free accounts provide lesson creation, Google and Microsoft integration, templates, and more.


With ClassFlow, it’s quick and easy to create a free teacher account and start building interactive lessons. Upload your own digital resources or select from the thousands of free and paid resources available in the marketplace. Assessments offered include multiple-choice, short-answer, math, multimedia, true/false, and essay. Student polls and questions provide real-time formative feedback.


Educators upload their own learning content, which the platform automatically transforms into assessments, or choose from the outstanding Formative library. Students respond on their own devices via text or drawing, continuously updated in real time on the teacher’s screen. Free basic account for one teacher offers unlimited Formatives, real-time student response, basic grading tools, feedback, and Google Classroom integration.


Kahoot’s free game-based learning platform is an excellent way to engage learners of any age. Choose from among 50 million existing games or create custom games for your classes. Free basic plan provides live and asynchronous individual and class kahoots, access to the ready-to-use kahoot library and question bank, quiz customization, reports, collaboration, and more.


Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that allows you to poll your students, check for understanding, or ask students to vote. There are several different types of questions you can create, image-based, multiple-choice, scales, open-ended, questions from the audience and more. You can even generate word clouds out of responses! (Freemium, some features are free.)


Mote is a FREE Chrome extension that allows you to leave voice notes and feedback, and much more! Improve feedback and formative assessment with voice recording.


This assessment tool allows teachers to collect on-the-spot formative assessment data without the need to have students use devices or paper and pencil. Teachers create and print specially coded cards that students hold up in class as their responses. The teacher uses the Plickers app to scan the cards and collect the data. (Free)


This simple-to-use, powerful, and fully-free learning tool allows teachers to initiate class discussions by posting videos. Students then create and post their own video response, adding enhancements such as emojis, stickers, and text.

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