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10 Stunning Vehicle Wrapping Trends For 2022 And Beyond

Vehicle wrapping is rapidly growing in popularity and it is easy to see why.

Amongst businesses and entrepreneurs in particular, vehicle wrapping has become one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising. This is because (when done right) vehicle wrapping is versatile, eye-catching, and highly customisable — as well as cost-effective.

Vehicle wrapping is the process of adding a stunning, bespoke design to your vehicle, either to advertise your own business or that of a sponsor. It is a great way to attract attention, advertise on the go, and present a striking, professional appearance to all your clients and customers.

But with such a visual product, it is important to stay on-trend. This will help your business to look legitimate, professional, and highly contemporary.

Below, we explore the top ten trends set to become a big hit in 2022 and beyond.


TREND 1: Matte Wraps

Matte wraps create a subtle, soft, and sophisticated look without being reflective. They give the impression of texture and luxury, and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

A matte finish has also been noticed as a preference across a wide range of products and designs – not only cars, but also in luxury handbags, shoes, and photography.


TREND 2: Minimalist

A powerful contemporary buzzword, ‘minimalist’ designs are being seen all over the vehicle wrapping industry.

Simple but effective, these wraps normally feature a muted or neutral colour palette. They may also include simple, angular, or highly graphic shapes to create a striking effect that is not ‘busy’ or elaborate.

This style of design can be especially effective when also paired with text, as the features can be well balanced.


TREND 3: Metallic Finish

For those unimpressed by the matte finish, a metallic finish is more popular. Bronze and copper tones are especially fashionable, but gold and silver finishes remain ever-present.

Metallic finishes are ideal for businesses with a luxurious or high-end feel. The metallic particles always catch the light in movement too, meaning you are even more likely to attract attention while on the go!


TREND 4: Holographic

Holographic finishes look silver and metallic to the eye, but offer a vibrant flash of rainbow hues from different angles. Think petroleum under bright light!

This futuristic finish is especially popular with businesses in the tech and IT sectors.


TREND 5: Snow Camo

You may have seen camo print before, but never quite so modern and minimal. Snow Camo has proved a hit with vehicle wraps, and features the same layout and design as a traditional camouflage pattern. However, the familiar browns and greens have been replaced with black, white, and silver.

The effect is sporty, modern, and memorable.


TREND 6: Integrated Text

Vehicle wraps are not only about colour and finish. The best designers can also integrate text and images in a way that suits your design style and business. Many people are choosing to include their contact details or details of their sponsor, for example.

Be sure to consult a qualified designer for the most attractive and durable final finish.


TREND 7: Jewel Tone

For those who love the finer things in life and long to stand out, there is no better finish than a jewel tone. Just as vibrant as a primary colour but even more elevated, jewel tones are stunning finishes in colours inspired by precious stones — such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and more.


TREND 8: Satin Finish

Struggling to decide between a high shine metallic finish and the subtle gloss of a matte? Get the best of both worlds with a satin sheen finish. This effect means that you still get the flash of a metallic finish, but with a more subtle effect overall.

Satin finishes come in a wide variety of colour palettes and are a perfect middle ground that achieves a great balance.


TREND 9: Ultra Luxe

Although not a common trend on the high street, more businesses and entrepreneurs than ever are seeking an ‘Ultra Luxe’ finish. This means incorporating precious metals, stones, and materials into the design or paintwork — such as a diamond, chrome, or quartz.

There are many more budget-friendly options, but select Ultra Luxe to travel in style!


TREND 10: Chrome

Ever a statement, chrome is a stunning option for those seeking a sleek, modern, and timeless effect. Chrome offers the high shine of a polished metal, without straying into tones such as gold or silver.

This makes it the perfect option for those who prefer a cool, polished, and classic finish.

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