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10 Ultimate Reasons To Plant or Donate Trees Today

Here are ten good reasons it is important to plant or donate trees right now in order to reap the rewards they could bring us in the years to follow:

1. Trees connect communities

Everywhere we look trees define the places that are where the day-to-day and exceptional life takes place. They are tall and steadfast they form the focal point of our neighborhoods and also in our memories. Each is unique and has a distinctive presence, trees signify important events in our lives, from family gatherings to engagements, and moments of quiet and reflection as well as the point of departure of a new adventure. Within our community, the trees mark gathering spots because they distinguish themselves from the city. A gathering at the highest pine or the happiest willow could be the beginning of a new adventure. When the trees are planted it is important to keep in mind that the trees we plant now will become landmarks of the future, and we should select their places carefully.

2. Trees mark a particular moment in time

If you’ve listened to the ring of a tree or observed the forests of old-growth across the country, you’re aware that trees live a long life span. Though the majority of urban trees have a lifespan of approximately 80 years and up, trees with a longer lifespan are rare. the longest-lived tree found in Canada is thought to be between 2,500 and 3,000 years old. There are a handful of areas in Canada such as cities like Vancouver as well as the Province that is Ontario which has a Heritage Tree database, which is a way of identifying trees that have historic or significant to the culture. The trees tell a tale about the development of the region and the people who resided in it. The tree that is planted today will be a landmark in the future!

3. Trees nourish us

Trees provide us many advantages, like shade, beauty, or an area for animals to roam, they also provide an abundance of food! There are numerous trees that are able to grow fruits and nuts, including cherries, apple, maple Saskatoon berry, hazelnut, walnut, hickory chestnut, butternut, and many more. If you’re thinking about planting a tree, take into consideration the additional benefits not only for humans but also for all the living creatures that inhabit our planet as well!

4. Trees are a great space to make your home

The trees are home to a variety of wildlife species including mammals, birds, and rodents. In terms of habitat, each species has its own unique needs. Certain species prefer living in the tops of trees instead of in the trunk, while some prefer dead trees or prefer evergreen or deciduous trees. This is why it’s essential for trees to be planted in areas that provide diverse habitats for wildlife.

Trees play a vital function for animals, both in rural areas as much as in forests. Trees providing urban wildlife habitats allow people to be aware of and appreciate the numerous species of animals that live around them.

5. Trees are a good investment because of the many benefits that compound

In its simplest form, the tree can provide the potential for compounding benefits as it expands and gets older. As it gets older the tree expands in size, sequesters more carbon, absorbs sunlight, and provides an ever-growing amount of space for humans and animals to enjoy and play. Trees that are taken care of in the urban setting may appear small, even irrelevant when it is first planted however they will continue to grow and provide benefits to their surroundings and their future generations when they are they reach their peak.

6. The trees are a gift to the future

As a tree expands and matures, it also gains advantages over time. As we can give and share the wealth of knowledge we have acquired as we get older and grow older, so can the tree with regard to its benefits. The effort, time, and funds we invest in the planting of trees in our rural and urban landscapes will be beneficial to those who follow in our footsteps. When you plant a new tree you should imagine what it could be in the next 50 years. Imagine another person walking under it, and enjoying their shade as well as the beauty that it brings. When you do this, take a moment to give a quiet moment of appreciation to the people who put up and maintained the canopy of the rural and urban that we take pleasure in now.

7. Trees strengthen their resilience against natural disasters

Trees can be a great partner in adapting to changing climates. They greatly increase the resilience of communities when faced with extreme weather conditions, and provide tangible benefits to the people as well as reduce the effects of natural catastrophes. Due to the frequent occurrence of wildfires in Canada many cities adhere to FireSmart plantation principles to reduce the effects of the fires. Trees can also be used as windbreaks, provide a shield against tropical storms and also help stabilize slopes that are steep to decrease the risk of landslides. These are just some examples of how trees are our allies when we deal with natural catastrophes.

8. Trees are a great solution to the issue of climate change

One method by which trees help to reduce the effects of climate change is by carbon sequestration. The average tree that is 100-years old within the typical Canadian forest could sequester between 350 and 460 kilograms in CO 2. throughout its life. To put it in perspective it is about the equivalent of the carbon emissions by an 850-km drive in a small car.

Are you aware of the carbon footprint you have? Tree Canada has a carbon calculator to help you figure out the number of carbon emissions you create by using energy and transport. This calculator will also tell you the number of trees you will have to plant to offset your annual emissions.

9. Trees bring us joy and are healthy

There is an increasing body of research that suggests the benefits of walking in a forest. health benefits. Particularly, studies show that walking through a forest can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as increase vigor and energy levels, reduce cortisol levels and improve our capacity to heal from stress.

10. Trees help us, which is why we should plant and support more trees!

Simply put, why not plant an evergreen tree? In your own home, with your employees or coworkers, or in an event to plant trees within your community, you just need to locate an opportunity to plant a tree that is suitable for you. The benefits are evident and the benefits are endless. What is the reason you want to plant trees?

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