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5 Methods of getting Trending Hashtags on Instagram in 2022

Instagram hashtag(s) is a powerful tool to organize content based on a specific genre, occasion, or event. It uses text and numerical along with a hashtag “#”. Hashtags are also used to spread news, awareness, and information. A perfect example would be #love which has been used almost 1.8 billion times.

Instagram users and influencers are using #tags to become more visible to a vast audience worldwide. This can come in handy for promoting products, services, or ideas. A digital public relations agency in Delhi does a ton of research before advising the use of a particular hashtag to improve the visibility of a business or a specific figure. Hence they are the go-to people for social media hashtag marketing.

5 Methods To Hunt For Trending Hashtags on Instagram!

  1. Use the Hashtag search tool:

Head to the search page and after searching for your desired topic, press the tags option. This brings up the list of hashtags related to the topic and the number of times the hashtag has been used. Try not to use the tags which have been used too many times. Also, avoid using tags that have been used only a few times. This would prevent your content from either being lost in the vast ocean of posts or not being searched at all.

    2. Follow influencers and hashtags of your choice.

Influencers have a pretty good hashtag game. To jump on the same bandwagon, follow them and get an idea of what type of hashtags are they using and which ones bring in the most views.

   3. Use the Instagram Explore page.

The Explore page is a personalized page made specifically for you. The algorithms of Instagram analyze your behaviour, likings, and dislikes. It provides you with content that you might be interested in. It is safe to think that people with similar interests would get similar posts (not the same posts), and from there, you get the idea of what people with your interest might want to see. Check out the hashtags from the posts on your explore page. Hiring a digital public relations agency is a tedious process but is made easy.

  4. Search online:

Popular and trending hashtags are often listed on certain websites online. Looking through the list of popular hashtags to find the one related to a particular person’s topic of interest can be the way to go. Most of the time, the hashtags listed on the websites are widely used, which exposure can reduce on posts using this hashtag.

 5. Get help from digital PR Agencies:

Best Digital PR Agencies has the workforce, training, and experience for understanding the digital ground. It can provide you with the same hashtags which will propel your user profile, product, business, or influence on Instagram.


Instagram has become a huge playground for influencers, brands, and businesses. The more the number of players increases per day, the more difficult it becomes to stand out. A digital public relations agency in Delhi can become very useful for someone trying to make their mark in this huge market on Instagram. These agencies help structure brand posts and use trending hashtags to boost the subscriber’s exposure.

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