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24v Mercedes Benz Kids Ride On Power Wheel Utv With Distant For Babies In 2021

kids power wheel from Tobbi

The Tobbi kid’s power wheel is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a larger two-seat, four-wheeler ride-on car with parental remote management. It’s a sophisticated kids toy car with high-end features including EVA rubber tires, a 3-point seat belt, and a 12V rechargeable battery. This Mercedes ride-on power wheel has four powerful motors, two-speed settings (three and five miles per hour), and can carry up to 160 pounds!

kids power wheel from Tobbi

Mercedes Benz Unimog 24v Ride

Don’t forget that, like the real thing, this Zetros includes a helpful storage compartment at the back, which means your kids can easily store their additional car toys in there while they’re not in use. My son had a blast celebrating his 2nd birthday this weekend, made even more so by Tobbi! What a fantastic power wheel toy, with a quick supply as promised and enough juice at 24 volts. All of the possibilities brightened his day, and we strongly advise anyone considering making their son or daughter’s birthday extra special to do so. Great present and nice product overall; there’s plenty of room for my 4-year-old kid, and he’s becoming better at driving it each time. I like the minor features of the automobile, and everything seems to be running well so far.

Product Videos of 2-Seater Power Wheels For Kids

You may allegedly hit this button to disable the foot pedal and prevent the ride-on toy from shifting further when your child is driving dangerously close to potential danger. The remote may control the forward, reverse, left, and proper directions as well as the velocity. Give your child control of the steering wheel, foot pedal, and car controls, or you’ll find a way to join in the fun if they can’t yet handle the vehicle on their own. For added protection, each of our children’s ride-on cars comes with a parental remote control that may override the handbook controls and includes functions like as stop, drive, reverse, and steering.

Mercedes has created and built a lot of cars over the years, but with the Benz X, they hit it out of the park, and its little sibling ride-on has done a fantastic job. We only sell brand-new, high-quality items from reputable manufacturers. You have our guarantee that the personal data and bank card information you supply us is secure and protected, and we will respect your privacy. We give free delivery on all of our products, and we use the most effective and quickest shipping methods with our supplier partners (FedEx/UPS) to ensure you have your purchase as soon as possible.

Vary Rover Hse Ride On Power Wheel

On parts other than batteries, tires, and chargers, the manufacturer offers a 6-month parts warranty. If the battery runs out, there is a handy pull-out deal on the rear that makes it easy to move. My criteria were to purchase a kids’ ride-on car that I could store in my 8x6ft shed and that was large enough to accommodate my three children, ages eight, five, and two.

Items must be returned in their original packing or a suitable substitute. We can fix any manufacturer flaws, but we can’t fix things that have been damaged in use. If we are unable to get the goods in their original packaging, 15% of the purchase price will disappear. If you don’t follow our return policy, you won’t get a refund. It’s easy to tell when the price is starting to drop.

Tobbi Products 24v Kids Ride On Car

So, as you can see, the G63 prioritizes security. This 2-seater power wheel looks great, the purple looks great, the leather-based stitched seats are great, the wheels are great, it runs great, and it has a lot of power. My primary concern was whether or not this would work on grass. It completely does, but only on high and a significant amount on mid.

Mercedes Benz Amg G63 Ride On Car

All decisions will be on the basis of the results of the police investigation and the FedEx/UPS investigation. We reimburse return shipping costs in most cases; however, this only applies to goods that are discovered to be faulty or broken upon delivery. If the gadget is unwanted Tobbi or was ordered by error, you will be responsible for the return charges. Please send your product back to us within 30 days of discovering the problem. This tough ride-on Big Rig features updated factory-installed 24v drive motors with a Metal pinion Gear for more torque, as well as a high-output 24v battery for increased speed and excitement!

Popular Kids Power Wheel Products

We feel that by supplying durable and dependable batteries, there is a lower risk of malfunctions and breakage, and as a result, we guarantee to have the highest quality batteries on the market. If the product is in stock when you make an order with us, it will depart the warehouse within 1-3 business days. Your order may ship right away, but you may have to wait a while for your tracking number. It was simple to put together and goes well; however, it has difficulty in taller grass on steep inclines with two children, but it does so with one. That’s the single drawback to this truck; if you’re working on asphalt, it can handle anything. It’s entertaining, and my daughter and her friends who own Peg power wheel tractors enjoy it.

Battery & 1 Yr Warranty:

This car may be effective, but when you get top speed and let off the gas, the motors brake quite hard. And if you don’t prepare, it’ll surprise the hell out of your youngster every time. The first time it happened, my son genuinely wished to die. It will be amazing if you tap the remote to let it slow down a little before releasing off the accelerator. Customer service is available at Big Toys Green Country for the rest of your life.

Meet the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 24V battery-electric two-seater kids’ ride-on truck, which is based on the well-known Mercedes-Benz off-road power wheel with remote or Unimog. Tobbi is not responsible for misplaced FedEx/UPS packages marked as “completed” delivery. Deliveries designated as “completed” and accompanied by evidence of delivery will be considered final. To investigate orders labeled as “delivered,” we reserve the right to obtain confirmation of supply and submit a tracing case. To conduct a misplaced case investigation with our carrier partners. All customers must file a missing parcel report with their local police department and provide us with the lost report.


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