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3 Simple Ways You Can Practice to Have Awesome Cosmetic Boxes

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Custom Cosmetic boxes can truly change the outlook of your cosmetics efficiently. The annual turnover of cosmetics is increasing day by day.  And was estimated at about USD 6,396.05 Million in 2020. Due to the massive competition going on, just go for having the custom choice boxes.

The brands such as MAC, too faced, Estee Lauder, Dior, etc. are getting famous day by day. Have you thought why? Because they think on and on to improve their packaging. You can also join the race of improving your outer packaging to create the actual difference.

If you really want to join the race then read the below-listed practices which you can adopt to create an impactful impression on the shelves.

Brainstorm the Packaging Ideas

Before implementing any kind of design, the first step is to brainstorm your ideas. Try to discuss the new innovative ideas with your team first. There are packaging companies who welcome you to discuss the packaging ideas with their team but you can discuss with your own team as well.

For instance, if you are creating the eye palettes, you can come up with new range of ideas like “make your eyes look shimmery with the hydrating touch of shea butter” And you can give your eye palette the shape of shea butter.

However, this palette will look outstanding. Like this you can shape the lip balm packaging on the flavor of it such as strawberry shape boxes for lip balm packaging will look awestruck.

Embed Features

The addition of the feature is a great approach. You can seek various features which are present within the market and implement it on your cosmetic boxes packaging.

For gift boxes you can add glitter dories and thick ribbons to highlight it within the market as compared to other placed boxes. There are other elements as well which you can look for within the market. Such as:

Spot UV

The spot Uv is a fabulous addition to the boxes. You can make your brand prominent by adopting this feature. Like this you can highlight your brand name.


There are multiple foiling features available in the market. Two famous kind of coatings are gold and silver. However, both coatings are perfect to enhance the outer look of your box. You can add the captions in foiling texture on the cosmetic packaging.


The embossing feature looks awesome. You can add the tagline of your brand on the boxes in embossed feature. By implementing this feature you can physically enhance the specific portions of the surface of the box.


You can embed the debossing feature on the box to enhance the outer look of the box. Go for adding the debossing features on the custom lipstick boxes. The debossing feature will implement your text downwards within the box.


By the help of stickers you have the option to present your boxes beautifully within the market. You can add nice enticing stickers on the boxes and write the caption on it like you can write “Lipsticks that don’t smudge”.

Coatings Create Awe-Inspiring Impact

Coatings beautifully highlight the outer image of the custom cosmetic boxes. You can go through the market options before selecting the best packaging for your boxes.

The matte coating looks perfect on the eyes related products such as mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eye concealers, etc. Whereas the gloss coating looks beautiful on lip-related products such as lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints, etc.

Further, for the foundations, you can go for adding metallic coatings.

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