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The Netflix party is a free Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome Extension. Your binge-watching of every TV show and movie ever made shows no signs of slowing down. Distancing yourself from others doesn’t work either. Perhaps your current employer has outstayed its welcome. Perhaps you’re on your own and sick of your own ideas. It’s always possible to watch with friends. Here are a few easy, free methods to use technology to help group watch sessions go smoothly.

Netflix Party

It’s not as though remote social surveillance didn’t exist prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

Sure, you could always group text with your friends while watching TV, ensuring that everyone sees and responds to the same thing at the same time.

The “second screen” experience gets a lot of attention, but what if you didn’t have to rely on separate phone, TV, and laptop screens?

You can merge the group chats straight into your viewing window with Netflix Party. While watching a TV show or movie on Netflix, commentary displays as a scrolling sidebar “chatroom.” Because the playback synchronized, there should be no lag in reaction time (ideally).

Add the Netflix Party extension to your Chrome browser to begin a session. Next to the address bar, a small “NP” button should appear. Open any program or film on Netflix by logging in. The letter “NP” should turn red. After that, click “starts the party.” A party URL will be provided to you. Copy the URL and send an invitation to your friends. To join, people only need to click the red “NP” icon after clicking the link.

Note that Netflix Party may only be used on a desktop computer/laptop with the Chrome browser, and everyone must be logged in to Netflix.

Netflix Party is a new, free Chrome extension that allows you to stream with your friends and family if you socially isolated but still want to feel connected.

We’ll show you how to set up Netflix Party on your PC or iPad in the steps below.

If you’ve been holed up for a while getting your social distancing on, it’s probable that you’ve already resorted to Netflix to pass the time. And why wouldn’t you, given the vast amount of entertainment available through streaming services? We can keep going with Toy Boy, Outlander, Love Is Blind, a bunch of Korean dramas, Prince…

Quarantining, on the other hand, means you’ll separate from your friends and family. Those same friends and family members who might normally up for a Homecoming viewing party are currently stuck at home, away from you. But if you truly want to talk and bond with your loved ones while watching Netflix, there’s a handy method you can use: Netflix Party.

It’s a new Google Chrome extension that “adds group chats to your favorite Netflix shows and schedules video playback.” Basically, if both of you have Netflix accounts, you and anyone else who downloads it can watch anything you want at the same time, no matter how far apart you are.


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