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5 Effective Digital Marketing Ideas to Cope Up with Coronavirus Outbreak

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Today, the entire world is facing a serious challenge with the Coronavirus but there are so many hopes on the horizon. Undeniably, businesses have been hugely affected as the economy has taken a massive hit because of Coronavirus. In such a difficult time, businesses need support and ways to survive this wave. If you have a business and wondering the after-effects of this crisis, then this post is for you.

5 Best Digital Marketing Ideas to Cope Up with Coronavirus Outbreak

Here, we will discuss some effective digital marketing ideas that you can consider during this corona crisis phase to stay relevant and competitive:

#1 Stay Connected with Your Customers/Clients on Social Media

Presently, everyone is dealing with the adverse effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. So, it is time to show some empathy to others and help them wherever you can. As a business, you need to be sensitive at this time – not too pushy or assertive, but it is a great opportunity for you to stand out during such a difficult phase. After lockdown, more and more people are now on social media, scanning for updates and trying hard to stay connected with each other in a suddenly isolated country. You can turn this phase into an opportunity to unite together by contributing to your area’s food bank or helping the poor with some grocery shopping. You can use social media to promote your good deeds or you can seek the help of the digital marketing experts online for the same.

#2 Ensure Your Business Can Easily Be Found Online

You might have noticed that after lockdown more people are online than ever. Search traffic has also increased significantly in the past few weeks and will continue to climb the ladder as we hunker down. During this phase, we all are glued to our phones and laptops/computers looking for updates within our communities. Anything online at this moment will be consumed more than ever before! So, this is clear that you should not hide online. For that, you can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to remain on the top of the search engine results. See, this is not the time when you go into a shell and poke out after a regular interval to see if the sun has risen. Put every possible effort to maintain your online ranking so that people can easily find you online.

#3 Pay-Per-Click is the Smartest Move at this Time

People are now spending more time in front of their mobile or laptop screens. So, it could be an opportunity for you to utilize PPC to connect with those people and gain a competitive benefit. Since the other tactics like Cost-Per-Click (CPC) has significantly decreased in the last few weeks, it is best to scoop up some benefits from PPC. You can capture more traffic and conversions due to reduced competition and PPC can greatly help you in this.

#4 Stay Ahead in the Competition

As SEO can help your business increase the organic traffic to your official website, you can get in touch with a professional online marketing agency to stay on the top.

Even though lockdown is there, you always want to be in the top positions when your customers search for something related to your business. However, to achieve the top rank in the search results, you need to invest some time along with strategic strategies for optimization. Unlike, if you are already on the first page, you need to optimize your content and website regularly otherwise you will lose your position as well as business. So, to stay ahead of this curve, keep your website optimized and up-to-date.

#5 Be Ready for the ‘Bounce Back’ Surge

See, just like China, this Coronavirus outbreak will fade in our country too. That time normalcy will return and spending habits of the customers will stabilize. Since SEO is a long-term strategy for any business, so whatever you do today will affect your organic traffic later. If you choose to put your SEO campaigns on hold during this corona crisis, it could have a negative impact on the revenue potential of your business later. So, do not break the momentum because when things get normal and the market starts to rise, your business won’t get the results you want. Hence, continue with your efforts and believe us, results will be in your favor once this crisis is over.


Coronavirus will fade away today or tomorrow but your online presence should not be hampered! So, get in touch with Digital Markitors – the best digital marketing company in Delhi to avail of the finest and result-driven solution for your business. To discuss your business and its precise requirements, get in touch with our experts on

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