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5 Refreshing Summer Wines to Beat the Heat

Summer Wines to Beat the Heat

Summer is a season that many people eagerly anticipate for months on end, and with good cause. It’s the ideal time of year for getting together with friends and enjoying some al fresco dining, and wine nearly always plays a role. Summer wines should fulfill your thirst while also cooling you down. They should be as bright, fruity, and breezy as your linen shirt. You should be able to drink them on their own, without any food. These are the greatest summer wines to freshen your taste this season, from floral, lemony whites to light red blends to bubbly, fruit-forward rosés. 

Choosing wines that match well with the heat of summer can be easier said than done for individuals who are accustomed to drinking robust, heavy reds regularly. Fortunately, there are a variety of light reds, whites, and sparklers that can be consumed throughout the summer without being overwhelming. If you are a wine lover and searching for special sake delivery Singapore, then you can contact us right away.

1. Riesling

Riesling is one of the most unique white wines on the market. Dry Rieslings, characterized by crisp acidity with notes of peach, pear, and apricot, can be found by growers in both Germany and America. Riesling is one of the most food-friendly wines a person can drink throughout the summer months, and it’s perfect for pairing with Thai food or another spicy cuisine.

2. Barbera

One of the best summer evening wines is a highly palatable red from Italy, and Barbera is about as drinkable as they get. Barbera, which is woody, tannic, and in many ways reminiscent of fresh tomato juice, is the wine that many winemakers in Italy drink rather than export.

3. Sauvignon Blanc 

Sauvignon Blanc is frequently exactly what most people are searching for when trying to find the perfect summer white. It’s known for being one of the greatest wines for combining chicken and most sorts of seafood. A fine bottle of Sauvignon Blanc may become the star of the show on a warm summer evening, with its acidic yet gentle notes of lime, herbs, and tropical mango.

4. Moscato

Moscato is a sweet white wine that is suitable for those who prefer something sweeter than a bone-dry white wine. Though supermarket Moscatos are typically sickeningly sweet, there are plenty of well-crafted Moscatos that are lush and juicy, with flavors of pear and honeysuckle. Moscato may be surprisingly excellent and gratifying when served as a dessert wine or just alongside an acidic salad.

5. Rose 

Rose is something of a catch-all term, as the type of wine that ends up being labeled as a Rose can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Though Rose can be made in a variety of methods, the ultimate result is usually the same: crisp acidity, a blush pink hue, and a light body. Rose, like Frappato, is a great wine to serve with shellfish, but it’s also surprisingly adaptable and may be paired with red meats. If you are looking for wine delivery in Singapore, then you can contact us. 

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