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5 Tips On How To Choose A Good Bandsaw

How To Choose A Good Bandsaw
How To Choose A Good Bandsaw

With there being many different bandsaws out on the market that cut different things, it can be a bit confusing when looking to buy one.

Do you want to cut metal, wood… even meat?

Before buying a bandsaw, here are some things you should take into consideration:

1. Make sure the machine cuts the material you are wanting – Throwing multiple different types of materials onto the same machine is common amongst smaller companies. Now although this may be fine, in the long run, the machine will deteriorate and have a higher chance of developing more serious issues. If you’re looking to cut wood, get a machine that cuts wood. If you’re wanting to cut metal, get a machine that cuts metal.

2. Make sure it has enough power – The amount of power you need will vary depending on what you plan on cutting. For example, a general cutting of wood will need 1-1.5 horsepower engine to work properly. This means you will look for a machine that matches the minimum requirement. You should also keep in mind that anything that requires 2hp will most commonly require a 220V electrical supply.

3. Vertical or Horizontal? – This is one of the more important aspects you have to look out for. If you are simply looking for a machine that cuts pieces in straight lines, then you should look at a horizontal bandsaw. If you plan on using the bandsaw for more intricate twists, turns, bends and more, then take a look at a vertical bandsaw.

4. What frame type suits you? – The 2 main types of frames used are cast iron and steel. Cast iron is the traditional approach for most machines as its motor is only rated at 1-1.5. This isn’t necessarily the best, but its good as it is more lightweight and practical at the cost of the cutting capacities being limited. Steel framed bandsaws don’t have these limitations. And so, they are much heavier which means manufacturers can increase the cutting area without having to compromise on the machine’s deflection or strength.

5. Dust collection – The dust produced by the blade can actually damage the machine very badly if not tended to. So, if the machine has any extra features that help with maintaining the dust problems, you should definitely look into it. It’s actually possible for metal dust to combust, so its incredibly important that you are constantly cleaning your machines and keeping them in pristine shape.

One machine can’t do it all. So don’t try to force it. Make sure to do proper research to fully understand what machine will work for you and what will be most practical.

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