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7 Success Factors for Online Learning

7 Success Factors for Online Learning

More and more companies are moving away from traditional forms of learning in favor of distance learning. This is more convenient, allows you to reach employees in the regions, and also helps to significantly reduce training costs. But, like any transition from the familiar to the new, distance learning is often perceived with skepticism by employees, top management is also sometimes conservative, does not believe in the results of such training, and does not want to support your project.

Based on practical experience, in this article, we have collected 7 factors that will help you implement distance learning and get the most out of your classes. As an example, we considered language distance learning. But these success factors can also be extended to teach other skills.

Blended learning only. 

Learning a language without a teacher or coach is almost impossible! Use all the conveniences of a remote approach, but never forget the key role of the teacher. At the same time, the mixed format means that your teacher sees the results of your independent work, adapts the lesson topics to your current tasks, and works closely with you through a remote platform both during and after classes.

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Modern teaching materials and tools.

Nothing goes out of date as quickly as articles in English textbooks. Make sure your learning materials are up to date! Captivating videos and informative articles that correspond to events in the real world can spark interest in learning even among the most skeptical employees!

Smart goal setting. 

An adult will learn only when he sees the practical benefit of his progress. Explain to employees how training will increase their effectiveness and help the development of the company as a whole. Perhaps your company is planning to enter a new market or is starting to develop a new project – let the employee understand what opportunities will open up for him if he has the language!

Individual orientation of training.

All people learn differently, and it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each. This is a very important and serious factor. We will cover it in more detail in future articles.

Professional communication. 

For distance learning to be successful, it must be understandable! Today, technology allows you to fit an incredible number of tools into remote platforms: so incredible that often an employee is lost among such an abundance and does not understand what to do. Conduct training webinars, presentations – show functionality as often as possible and answer questions!

A person on the client’s 

side with a vested interest in success. The provider a priori believes in the success of their product. But also on the side of the customer, there should be a responsible coordinator, open to cooperation, who is ready to promptly resolve emerging issues with each individual student.

The importance of accompaniment and support.

It is necessary to get away as much as possible from the perception of the remote format as something soulless. Be sure to show employees that there are real people behind each platform, that learning outcomes matter and are watch. If an employee has a question, then he must have the opportunity to ask it to a competent specialist, and most importantly, get a detailed answer and a small portion of inspiration!

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