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8 Easy Ways To Increase YouTube Subscribers

increase YouTube Subscribers

Thanks to YouTube, anyone may now work as a director or producer. Over 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched every day, claims YouTube. Here, you have to  increase youtube subscribers base if you want to increase YouTube subscribers and gain more views on your videos.

Now, I suppose you’re wondering:

“How do I increase my YouTube subscriber count?

This article outlines various quick, easy, and very effective ways to increase YouTube subscribers for your channel and existing videos so you can monetize them.

Smart & Easy Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

  1. Create Highly Engaging Content Consistently
  2. Optimize YouTube Videos
  3. Optimize Your Channel Homepage to Get More Subscribers
  4. Create a Channel Trailer
  5. Ask for Subscribers
  6. Convert Searchers to Subscribers with Playlists
  7. Cross-Promote Your YouTube Channel
  8. Lean on Influencer

#1. Consistently provide highly engaging content

Whether you are new to YouTube or have been active there for some time, you need to create a lot of content and upload videos regularly if you want to grow your subscriber count.

Consistently producing and publishing videos can aid in developing a dependable, long-lasting relationship with viewers. It works effectively for both retaining existing subscribers and luring in new free YouTube ones.

One YouTube video per week, for a total of four videos per month, is a straightforward strategy that works. Choose a day like Friday for your video post. People will plan time to watch your videos if you consistently post them on Friday.

People are reluctant to subscribe to your channel if you haven’t published any videos for more than a month or a year. On the other hand, if you consistently release content, they will subscribe to your channel.

Additionally, you can cover more ground if you regularly publish videos. Since you have a broad area of skills, more viewers might then subscribe to your channel for upcoming videos.

Now, I suppose certain users may have a different problem:

“How do I make videos for YouTube?”

Almost any video editing programmes can benefit you. However, you can try MiniTool Movie Maker, a free, straightforward, and effective application, if you want to create fantastic videos to swiftly increase your YouTube subscriber count.

To assist you in making a stunning video, this application not only provides cool video templates but also a tonne of fantastic effects like transitions, filters, fonts, etc. For instance, I used this programme to make a Thanksgiving movie for my folks.

#2. YouTube video optimization

Your videos must then be optimised in order to gain more YouTube subscribers. The metadata of the YouTube video needs to be optimised if you want to gain followers and views. 5 Powerful YouTube Video Optimization Tips contains further recommendations for optimising videos. Let’s now look at ways to increase your YouTube subscribers!

Make searchable headings

The most crucial piece of information in your entire material to increase YouTube subscribers is the YouTube title. An ordinary video with a catchy title will attract many watchers and some subscribers, according to a survey. The creation of a video title requires a lot of time. Here are a few suggestions :

  • Give the title some context.
  • The YouTube title should be succinct, captivating, and fascinating.
  • Your video’s title should contain at least five words.
  • Your keyword should be in the title.

Do some fast keyword research to find some relevant terms people are searching for using tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

For instance, Google Trends employs graphs to compare the search volume of various queries over time and examines the popularity of the top search questions in Google Search across multiple countries and languages. You may produce content using this tool that people are already looking for. It is an effective method of boosting YouTube subscribers.

Use tags carefully.

YouTube claims that adding tags to your videos is one of the most effective strategies to increase your number of subscribers and views since tags inform Google and YouTube about the subject, genre, and other details of your videos.

You can boost your YouTube subscribers by optimising your video tags using the advice below:

Specify keywords.

Put LSI keywords in. For all of your SEO efforts, the LSIGraph tool may assist you in identifying the most lucrative semantically related terms.

Incorporate Long Tail Keywords.

Use Reliable Tags. Misleading tags, according to YouTube, can result in the removal of your video.

Create tags utilising Video Boosters Club

Browse some popular videos to get some inspiration by looking at the tags they are using. Don’t, however, copy and paste video tag content.

Improve the description on YouTube

In addition to assisting search engines in locating your videos, video descriptions provide a summary of the content for potential viewers.

You need to make an interesting and well-written description if you want to improve YouTube traffic and obtain more subscribers.

  • Keep things honest and natural.
  • The first 25 words should contain your keyword.
  • Please include at least 250 words in the description.
  • Put your keyword in between 2-4 times.
  • Never use words that are critical.

Pay attention to the first two or three sentences. Because YouTube’s algorithm gives keywords that appear in the first 2-3 sentences of your description more weight, YouTube advises including the most crucial keywords near the beginning of your description. Visit this page for further details.

Make Attractive Thumbnails

Personalizing video thumbnails helps increase YouTube subscribers, according to many YouTube creators. One of the deciding elements in whether a video is clicked while visitors are browsing for videos is the thumbnail.

Instead of allowing a thumbnail be produced at random, give each video a unique one.

See what kind of thumbnails the rivals use while making by looking at them.

Make sure the thumbnail corresponds to the content of your page.

Consider utilising high-quality photographs as thumbnails to suggest that your video is also high-quality.

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#3. Improve the homepage of your channel to attract more subscribers

After watching your video, the majority of visitors will visit the homepage of your channel. Viewers will appreciate and trust you if your channel homepage is appealing and polished. As a result, these viewers will become channel subscribers. This is the homepage for my channel.

Improve the homepage of your channel to gain more YouTube subscribers

Include a keyword in the name of your YouTube channel.

As channel art, use your company’s logo and some text. Dimensions of the ideal channel art are 2560 by 1440 pixels. Maximum file size advised is 6MB.

You should describe the kinds of videos you’ll upload in the channel description as well as what viewers can look forward to once they subscribe. You should also include keywords and a call to action that is crystal obvious.

Simply said, you should manage your YouTube channel like a brand if you want to grow your subscriber base.

#4 Make a YouTube channel trailer

When visitors first visit your channel, a nice feature is the channel trailer. The ideal length for a channel trailer is between 30 and 60 seconds.

Your channel trailer is a succinct highlight reel highlighting your identity and the benefits of your videos. Additionally, you must provide your potential subscribers a cause to subscribe.

ask to why they should keep an interest in what is being released.

Ensure that the channel trailer is captivating. Like a movie trailer, if you don’t find the trailer interesting, you won’t go watch the movie.

It’s time to make a captivating channel trailer to grow your YouTube following!

#5: Request Subscribers

Asking for them in your videos is the simplest approach to gain more YouTube followers. Never rely on your audience being able to read your mind. You can invite people to click the “Subscribe” button just above your video by making a strong call to action.

Additionally, please explain why viewers should subscribe. You may try including annotations with buttons that viewers can click to subscribe all throughout the video. For instance, as illustrated below, you can use the end screens to include a subscribe element to encourage channel subscriptions and obviously it will lead you to the path where you can increase YouTube subscribers.

requesting channel subscribers from viewers

#6. Use Playlists to Turn Searchers Into Subscribers

After watching one of your videos, viewers may look up related keywords on YouTube to view further content. It is advised in this situation to employ YouTube playlists to convert these inactive users into subscribers. It is an effective approach to increase viewer time, keep subscriptions, and increase content consumption.

To increase your YouTube subscriber count by turning searchers into subscribers through playlists, try the following strategies:

Step 1: Click on the desired video in the playlist.

Step 2: Select the plus sign (+) next to the video.

Step 3. Select Make a new playlist. (You can do so here by adding this video to an existing playlist.)

Step 4: Type the playlist name and choose the privacy level for your playlist from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Select the Create button.

# 7. Spread the word about your YouTube channel

Last but not least, sharing your YouTube channel on other social media sites is crucial.

Without a doubt, some potential clients who are browsing your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profiles are unaware that you have a YouTube channel. You can promote your YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter to gain more subscribers.

Please notify your social media followers whenever you post a new video. You may even write an essay about your new video and post it to your site if necessary. You will increase your YouTube subscribers and views if you continue to promote your channel across platforms.

Besides, in addition to sharing video on Facebook and Twitter, you can expand your search net with Pinterest to get YouTube subscribers and viewers.

Most viewers search in Google or YouTube’s search bar to find your channel. Here, in fact, Pinterest is also a visual search engine to help you increase YouTube traffic as well as increase YouTube subscribers.

Turn a few of your best YouTube videos into Pinterest-friendly images. For instance, if you posted a Thanksgiving video, you can make a Pinterest visual that shows your thanks, and link to your YouTube channel and tell people they can watch the full video here. This will extremely help you to go beyond and you can increase YouTube subscribers.

#8: Rely on influencers

A study reveals that at least 40% of respondents made an online purchase after seeing it utilised by an influencer on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Vine, etc. In other words, never undervalue the influence of others. You may increase your YouTube subscribers with the aid of influencers.

Have you considered employing an influencer to increase your YouTube follower count? Because of their established following and reputations, YouTube influencers can help swiftly increase brand awareness around your channel.

You may now be wondering:

Where can I locate YouTube influencers to increase my YouTube subscriber count?

To discover an influencer to collaborate with in this situation, use the following strategies:

On YouTube, look up topics related to your product or service that are in your sector.

Find the people who are posting about it on social media.

Analyze the connection between the influencer and the followers.

Contact the channel’s influencers directly if they frequently include their business email in the “About” section. (You should emphasise why you think your brand would be a good fit for the channel, as well as how your brand will benefit the channel’s viewers.)

When you receive endorsement from an influencer who has a loyal following, people will check out your channel. And this will help you to increase YouTuber subscribers.

Conclusion: Continue experimenting and learning.

There are 8 practical yet easy suggestions for growing your YouTube subscriber base. Try them to improve YouTube traffic and view counts.

It’s possible that what works for someone else won’t work for you. So please keep experimenting and looking into new ways to increase your YouTube subscriber count.

Please share any additional effective strategies you may have with us in the comments section below if you know of any.

Keep in mind that It requires a significant amount of work, patience, persistence, and a long-term commitment to increase YouTube Subscribers. 

And if you think that you need more help then you can hire a video promotion company like Video Boosters Club. So that you can get professional help which leads to success.

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