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A good tutor is not only a homework doer

A good tutor is not only a homework doer

Nowadays, tutoring is synonymous with homework help. A good tutor, though, is not just a homework helper. They can be a guide who can inspire students to harness their skills. A good tutor is someone whom they can trust and depend on for advice. But a good tutor is not only a homework doer!

A friend or parent would often ask me if I knew of any tutoring places nearby that could help their child with his assignments. Interestingly, most parents are unaware that tutors can also help educate them outside of school besides helping their children with homework. It is what we call learning enrichment – an added plus to a child’s academic achievement.

Why has working as a tutor become such a popular part-time job?

With the increase in tuition centers and the demand for more after-school tutoring, more and more students are discovering that tutoring is an enjoyable way to earn pocket money while helping others. The flexible hours also make it suitable for students who want to have some time off while studying full-time.

What are some qualities that a good tutor should have?

A good tutor should be able to inspire their student’s confidence in their potential. He must be patient, understanding, and observant of each pupil’s needs. Also, a good tutor possesses excellent communication skills and is empathetic with his students’ circumstances. He should be able to guide them through problem-solving skills without giving them the answers outright, encouraging them to think independently. Please note that a good tutor is not only a homework doer though.

Seven signs of a good tutor

1 – Always shows up on time to lessons and appointments

2 – Is capable of taking notes during class

3 – Provides progress reports or regular updates about their student’s performance during lessons

4 – Is willing to listen when their student needs help, rather than teach

5 – Has a positive attitude and won’t shy away from tough questions

6 – Has good teaching skills; breaks down complicated ideas into an easy-to-understand format

7 – Is knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching (AP tutors should have high AP test scores)

How does one become a successful private tuition teacher?

A successful tutor never stops learning. He constantly updates his knowledge and skills by reading books and attending conferences and seminars to increase his value in pedagogy further. He should also be able to take charge of a lesson, develop an effective teaching plan, and create tailor-made assessment tools for each pupil. Being well-organized is important because it shows your competence as an individual. A good tutor must possess excellent communication skills with his students and with their parents. He should also have access to appropriate resources such as textbooks, reference materials, and the Internet to keep abreast with what he needs to know about different topics. If you are a tutor please keep this in mind- good tutor is not only a homework doer.

They should be able to inspire and motivate their students. They should go beyond just explaining the topic and provide additional examples, highlight key points and encourage their students to get involved. A good scho0l and good tutor do just that.

The benefits of having a 1:1 tutor are huge. They will help you understand specific topics, but they also help build your confidence in areas that otherwise would have been overwhelming.

It’s worth looking around for tutors who can be flexible with their time and enjoy what they do! If their enthusiasm for the subject is not contagious, it’s unlikely that you’ll enjoy learning from them.

For excellent tutors, you can visit My Engineering Buddy. Although they help with homework as well, but they know that helping with homework is not the only job that they can do. They are good tutors first and an excellent homework helpers later.

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