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A Simple Guide to Packers and Movers Charges

A Simple Guide to Packers and Movers Charges

There is an increasing trend of opting for packers and movers for any relocation. People move to different cities and states due to their transfer and other reasons.

So, they frequently move to other locations. However, they have to pay high packers and movers charges for their move. There are not many moving companies that offer their services at the right prices.

There is much difference between the rates of different moving companies. They quote differently for the same volume of goods. The moving companies take into account many factors to quote their charges.

Various Factors Moving Companies Consider To Quote Packers and Movers Charges

There are a variety of factors that the movers consider before offering you the quote. Some of these important factors are as follows:-

Storage Facility

The packers and movers companies offer storage facilities to the customers. People who want to store their goods can use these services. This facility is also very helpful in protecting your goods from any damage.

Often, many people use it to save their costly items from the effects of the bad weather. Some people also want to store their items for a certain period. These people also use these services. These services are available at a moving company at a price.

So, if you need these services, the cost of storage would be added to your total bill.


Distance is the biggest factor that increases your house shifting charges. If the distance between your origin and destination is long, then you have to pay high prices.

The packers and movers always calculate the distance of the move. This is the reason why the charges of international relocations are very high. However, the movers and packers rates for a local move are less.

There is not much to manage in local relocation. So, the movers and packers charges for this relocation are not so high.

Packing Materials Cost

The moving firms also charge you for their packing materials. The packing supplies are the most essential thing in a move. So, these supplies must be of the best quality.

Your packers and movers use high-quality packing supplies to pack your products. They add the cost of packing materials to the total bill. The materials they use include bubble wrap, tapes, cartons, etc.

Quantity Of  Materials

Another factor that increases your shifting costs is the number of your goods. The movers consider the weight and the number of your items to quote their charges.

If you are moving a large number of articles, you will have to pay high house shifting rates. The movers charge these prices on the basis of per kilometer.

The more your products are, the more effort it requires to load, transport, and unload your items.


The packers and movers charges increase when you require more laborers to lift your items. It will be dependent on the size of your relocation and the number of your products.

The price of home shifting is directly related to manpower which is required to finish the moving process.

So, it is best to know about the number of people you will require to manage your move. If you have lightweight goods, you only need a few laborers.

However, if your quantity of items is large, then you need to hire more laborers. So, it depends on your number of items and their weight.

Moving Vehicles

The customers can use 2 kinds of vehicles to move their goods. The packers and movers charge different rates for these vehicles.

The first moving vehicle is the shared truck. This moving truck offers shared space to more than 1 customer. The price of this vehicle is less. So, the people who don’t want to spend much on their move can choose it.

The other vehicle type is the dedicated truck. This moving truck is dedicated to one customer only. Also, you will get the delivery of your articles quickly in this service.  However, you need to pay a higher price to avail of it.

So, if your products are less, you should opt for the shared truck. This will be less costly to you. However, if you want a dedicated truck, consider opting for a small vehicle only.

Physical Activity

Moving requires a lot of physical activity. So, the more physical efforts your move requires, the more costly your move would be. So, make sure to carry only lightweight articles.

This will help you in cutting down your packers and movers charges. Many people sort their items before they move. They get rid of the unwanted bulky items which will minimize their shifting costs.


An insurance policy is optional. However, if you need it, you can go for it. You need to choose from transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance.

If you need to protect your items, then moving insurance is a must. However, you must consider what type of insurance you need.

Many people do not pick any insurance while moving. They do not want to spend much on their shifting process. But this can be a risky affair for them.

Sometimes, their items are misplaced and lost in the middle of the journey. So, it is better to take insurance for your goods. This will help you get the safe delivery of your belongings.

Experience Of  Your Moving Company

An experienced moving company will charge you higher than the new companies. There are all types of shifting companies in the market. However, you need to decide which company you have to hire.

If you opt for new companies, then you will have to pay less prices for your move. However, choosing an IBA-approved company will be very costly.

But you don’t need to contact a big company. You should consider the company which is trusted in its field.

The best thing would be to opt for a company which offers good moving services. Also, make sure to read their reviews before hiring the company.

Many people choose inexperienced companies. These companies are fraud and charge hidden prices from their customers. Also, these companies are not reliable. These fraud companies only want more money from the customers.

These companies do not offer you quality moving services from their side.

They do not have the required moving tools with them. Also, they do not possess the required experience in the moving industry.

Additional Services

Your movers also offer your additional services if you need them. Some of these services are assembling and disassembling your items. Other services include unpacking, geyser installation, etc.

Many people need these services. However, you can get these services whenever you require them. But you will have to pay extra movers and packers charges to the movers.

Many people opt for these services. This helps them in managing your items easily through professionals. If they do not take these services, they will have to call the professionals for this work.

So, getting these services is beneficial to you. You might pay more for these services. But you will be free from any tensions and worries of installing your items. Otherwise, you will have to give your extra time in reassembling and installing these items.


The packers and movers charges in India are high. However, you can get these services affordably with the help of a few valuable tips.

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