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Advantages of CSS | How to learn CSS?

Advantages of CSS

Here are the top Advantages of CSS, so read till the last…

Advantages of CSS

The main advantage of using CSS you can use Freedom. You get rid of doing one thing over and over again. Apart from this, there are many benefits of using CSS, which are being told below.

  • Save Time

Write CSS rules once and can apply them multiple times. You can apply one stylesheet to multiple web pages. Then You do not need to write CSS rules for each new HTML document. That’s why CSS saves the valuable time of Web Masters.

Time-saving seems to be the biggest advantage of this. Because your time is not being wasted in repetition. You can work for a new one every time.

  • Increase Page Speed

There are dozens of elements in an HTML document. For which we have to set different style rules. And in some of the other, their number reaches in hundreds or even thousands.

Therefore the size of the webpage increases. But, with the help of CSS, style rules are set for all the elements in only one stylesheet. By which Extra HTML is removed. And the page size is reduced. And because of this, Page Fast Load happens.

Google likes fast-loading websites. Therefore, CSS is no less than a boon for webmasters.

  • Easy to Maintenance

You can set CSS rules for an entire website in just one style sheet. That’s why we do not face any problem in managing a file.

Yes! You can write complete style for the entire website in just one CSS file. By doing this all the code is present in one place. Gets rid of the hassle of writing separate style rules for each element.

If something needs to be changed in any element, then instead of searching for it. It’s easy to update it with a stylesheet. Therefore repairing CSS is easy and convenient.

  • Provide Responsive Design

You cannot optimize the webpage with HTML for every device. But, with CSS’s Media Queries Rules, you can make web pages responsive according to every device and screen size.

The responsive site layout is one of Google’s more than two ranking factors. Therefore, this quality is also very much liked by webmasters.

With just one code, you optimize your desktop site for smartphones, tablets and other devices. And the mobile version is free from the hassle of the desktop version.

How to learn CSS Course?

how to learn cssIf you have learned or learning HTML Training. Then there is no need for you to learn CSS separately. Because along with HTML, CSS is also taught.

The web designing course in Delhi has been specially prepared for this purpose. In which training of Java Script is also given along with HTML, CSS.

But, things keep updating while working. And on the web, things get old in seconds. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly learn to keep oneself updated with new and advanced technology. You can also learn javascript course in Rohini or near your location…

That is why we are telling here how to learn CSS for free. If you will use the methods mentioned below, then you will be able to take CSS Advance Training even while working. 

  1. Learn online
  2. Join online course
  3. Buy books
  4. Learn from youtube
  5. Learn from other websites

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