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Air Suspension Or Coilovers: Which Do You Prefer?

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No matter what type of vehicle suspension solution you choose, your car needs a suspension system to function better. Luckily, you have many choices available: coil, leaf, or air. As many of us may know there’s a heated discussion in the car industry about which suspension option is better: vigorairride air suspension or coilovers. So, we will explain the benefits and downsides of each type today. We hope that this will help you to understand the pros and cons of each suspension system. Let’s talk about what suspension is first. Also, we’ll start with the basics.

How important is your car’s suspension system?

It’s time to pay more attention to your car’s suspension system. Surprisingly your car’s suspension system plays a crucial role in safety and comfort. Coil springs and shock absorbers are used in conventional suspension systems to absorb vibration and keep the wheel from oscillating and rebounding. Traditional suspension systems are challenged to perform when you add or subtract weights to your car or increase or decrease the speed. Sometimes, large loads and turning left or right can cause shock absorbers to fail. The traditional stock shocks or springs were made to be used in a specific set of situations.

General ideas of the two suspensions

Coilover is a suspension type that lets you adjust various aspects of your car’s ride, including camber, damping, and suspension. Coilovers can be used to reduce your car’s center gravity and weight transfer in turns. They also improve the vehicle’s aesthetics to make it look more aggressive. Air suspension also has a cost. A complete set with all the necessary equipment will cost you quite a bit. A set of wheels and a kit to make coilovers could be purchased for as little as an air suspension system. Air suspension is great, but it comes with all the convenience and technology that it offers.

Introduction to air suspension systems

Air suspension systems are more precise, efficient, and less cumbersome today because of the advancements in technology. Actually, they can control things using precise, fast electronics with improved electronics. Electronic units can be used to control everything, from ride height to airbag pressure. As a result, you can experience a smooth and well-controlled ride. high-quality aftermarket air suspension kit

Pros of air suspension systems

As we’ve mentioned above, compared with coilovers, air suspension is extremely flexible. In other words, the drivers can easily adjust it based on their specific needs. When you’re driving on the roads, there is barely any limit to the height of your ride until you can get to a garage. Also, I bet you probably have seen the videos of cars slamming into anything that looks like a speed bump. With air suspension, this is not going to happen. In addition, it’s easy for you to adjust your air suspension setting using a Smartphone app, without even having to be in the car. That is really convenient and efficient. Air suspension is great for carrying heavy loads. Air suspension will be able to avoid sagging down in the back when you’re driving with heavy loads.

Cons of air suspension systems

So, there’re a lot of moving parts in the air suspension systems. As a result, as with any machine that uses a lot of complex moving parts, there are shortcomings over time. For example, reliability could be a problem. Besides, regular maintenance and repair costs are things you need to take into consideration. Well, it implies that problems may occur. So, good maintenance is essential for airbag suspension systems. Electronic control units (ECU) and a complex air suspension system are responsible for all the cool things that you can do on the go.

What are coilovers and how do they work?

The coil spring absorbs energy from bumps like your shoes’ rubber soles would when you step on a Lego. Imagine if your shoe was not on. You’d have one of the most painful moments in your life! That’s horrible, isn’t it? After absorbing a bump, the spring begins to bounce. The damper is responsible for stopping the spring from moving once it has been activated. The damper stops the spring’s bounce by applying compression and rebound force. Then, the shock stops the spring from oscillating in either direction as it bounces. Obviously, you can tell that these two parts are the key to smooth riding on pothole-laden roads.

Benefits of coilovers

Initially, automakers created coilovers to customize your suspension for performance improvements. Coilovers allow for this customization and are highly recommended by many. In fact, you can adjust things such as dampening compressions, rebound, and spring rate on advanced coilovers. This is a great improvement for modern vehicles. Pricing is another important aspect of coilovers. A coilover kit can cost you at least five hundred dollars, or even a few thousand bucks. And the price differences are often due to the degree of customization you can enjoy. Also, the market and product quality affect the prices. Many people need something simple, while others need everything. Well, whatever you need, coilovers allow you to have the freedom and flexibility you need within your budget. That’s awesome!

Drawbacks of coilovers

Coilovers can be great for hardcore tracks, and they offer a more flexible way to get into custom suspension. However, they lack the same flexibility as air suspension. What does this mean? Air suspension allows you to adjust your ride height at will. This is a great feature if you like slammed cars but still want practicality. So, flexibility is a limitation when you compare it to airbag suspension.

Final thoughts 

So, we’ve discussed and listed the good and bad sides of each suspension system. Air suspension offers you the convenience and control to adjust your height at will. However, it comes at a price: it costs more. Besides, it tends to be more susceptible to problems due to its complex moving parts. On the other hand, coilovers are great choices for performance-based driving. Also, they’re much affordable. Yet, it’s impossible to adjust the height as you wish. Hopefully, this helps you choose the right suspension. Enjoy a comfortable ride with the suspension you decide to choose!

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