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All you should know about Annual MOTs

MOT test
MOT test

What is the correct time to go for your yearly MOT tests?

Every car owner must go for an annual MOT test to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy. A car owner generally goes for an MOT when:

  • Your car/vehicle has become a minimum of three years old
  • Within one year after the vehicle’s last MOT test test

Some MOT centres can send their technician to pick up a car if the automobile owner is unable to drive down for the test. The technicians will take the automobile to the centre carefully and return the vehicle along with the final results. Moreover, car owners can also send someone known with their automobile to an MOT Peterborough centre if they are somehow unable to drive.

What is the exclusion Of an MOT test?

Automobile owners cannot drive or even park the car on the road if the vehicle fails the MOT test. Also, driving without a valid MOT can lead to the car owner getting prosecuted or fined up to £1,000. The only exception when a vehicle owner can drive the car without a valid MOT is:

  • When you are already driving down to the car repairs centre to get the required fixes.
  • If you are going down to an MOT test and carry the booking receipt.

What are the steps for booking an MOT test?

MOT test centres authorised by the DVSA are all across the country. An authorised test centre will have a three white triangle sign on the front. This indicates that the facility can perform a fair test with the best accuracy using the best tools and tech. We recommend contacting an MOT centre nearby and scheduling an appointment before the last year’s MOT expires. Also, car owners don’t have to worry about the high cost of a test centre as there is a max limit for the test’s charges. Furthermore, it is important to mention that booking an MOT in Northern Ireland has a different process.

What does the MOT test cost?

The price of running a test majorly relies upon the type of automobile you hold. The max fee set for conducting an MOT for cars is roughly £54.85 plus £29.65 for standard motorcycles. Furthermore, car owners will not have to pay the VAT fee on the test.

How does an MOT test work?

There are several components thoroughly tested to guarantee the roadworthiness plus safety of an automobile. Different components in your automobile need to follow the established legal standards of the DVSA. Also, car owners even have a separate viewing area to watch the test from being conducted. But, they should not trouble the technician conducting the MOT test.

What can be the outcome of an MOT test?

A vehicle can pass or fail during its annual MOT. The result of the test depends mainly on the overall internal and external condition of your Car Tyres Peterborough.

Passing the MOT test

You will get a pass certificate if everything works fine and there is no major damage. Also, all the data about your vehicle’s MOT gets registered in the central database for future tests. Pass certificates can also have a few minor repairs mentioned that should be taken care of before the following MOT.

Failing the MOT

Any major issue or damage to an automobile will result in your vehicle failing the annual test. After that, the test centre will provide you with a fail certificate that will mention all the problems with your vehicle you need to get fixed. You can go for a re-test again after getting them repaired. Furthermore, car owners who feel the test was unfair can even appeal against the test result.

Going For An MOT retest

Most car owners try to opt for a partial retest of their car at a lower price or for free. Also, car owners can get the retest at a low fee if they get the repairs done within ten working days of failing the test. Also, most MOT test centres provide a free of cost retest if you try to take your fixed car back to the centre prior to the end of the next working day.

Different parts testes during an MOT test include:

  • Access panels
  • Bootlid
  • Battery
  • Electrical wiring
  • Bonnet
  • Brake pedal anti-slip
  • Break glass hammer
  • Doors
  • Lights
  • Fuel Filler cap

Moreover, the MOT test will not include the examination of the condition of your engine, clutch, plus gearbox.

Talk to an experienced professional if you are still unsure about MOT Peterborough or need some further information.

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