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Apple MacBook OS Upgrade/Application Upgrade Services

Apple MacBook OS Upgrade: Apple releases OS software updates periodically for its varied devices. The update becomes essential to improve the stability, performance and security of the system. If you are having issues with software updates, you have landed on the right page to fix the problem. This writing piece focuses on what you can do when your MacBook doesn’t update to the latest macOS. Users may experience a stalled macOS update, which means the system fails to download and install the update successfully. In some cases, an error message saying “The macOS installation couldn’t be completed” appears when you try to update

Fix MacBook OS Upgrade Issues

Make sure you backup your Mac before getting started. See if you have sufficient space in your system to download, install and store the update. The next thing you need to have is an internet connection. Remember that the update takes time, sometimes hours to complete.

  • Your MacBook should be plugged into AC power. Don’t put your system to sleep.
  • If the Mac seems to be struck for extended hours, press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds to restart it.
  • Remove drives and peripherals connected to the Mac and then try to update.
  • Try again after resetting Mac’s PRAM. Turn off your system. Immediately after turning on your Mac, press and hold the P and R keys together for about 20 seconds to reset your PRAM.
  • There is a possibility that your MacBook is unable to reach the update server. This could be because of a slow internet connection. If the internet is slow, restart your router and modem. Also, if possible, choose a wired connection over Wi-Fi.
  • Since several people may be trying to update at the same time, there could be overload issues with the Apple server. Check for the server issues.
  • If you still have a problem, update your Mac in safe mode. To do that, turn on the system and immediately press and hold the Shift key until the login screen appears. Release the Shift key and log in. Once you are in safe mode, try to update. After you are done with all the updates, exit the safe mode by normally restarting your Mac.


Is there still an issue with the OS update?

Is there still an issue with the OS update? You may try to restart your Mac from macOS recovery. By doing this, you will be able to update the latest OS that is compatible with your Mac. A few simple steps to do this include turning on your Mac, press and hold Option-⌘-R keys together, release the keys once you see the Apple logo or the spinning globe icon on your screen, login and click reinstall macOS, and follow the onscreen instructions. 

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