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Aquamarine Rings

Discover our selection and discover breath-taking craftsmanship and stunning clarity in our range of aquamarine rings available at Diamond Boutique. Free delivery on all UK orders.

Aquamarine Rings

A popular and durable gemstone, the stunning aquamarine rings here at Diamond Boutique are often favoured for engagement and eternity styles. Due to the gentle and calming blue of this desired stone, it suits every jewellery collection.

Mined in several locations worldwide, aquamarine is believed to bring health and happiness to the wearer. Named after the colour of seawater, aquamarine is the blue-green member of the beryl family. Shop the full range below and take pleasure in discovering the beauty and clarity of the rings offered to find your perfect aquamarine ring.

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Why Choose an Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March, making it yet another great gift idea for people born in that month. The seawater colour of the aquamarine gemstone has given its name as the “aquamarine”, which is a word derived from Latin, meaning seawater. It is a gemstone that embodies the gleaming blue of the oceans through its name and colour. An aquamarine ring can range from a very light hue to a much deeper and vibrant shade of blue. The mesmerising colours of an aquamarine ring have long been a symbol that portrays youthfulness, good health, and hope.

Aquamarine jewellery, such as an aquamarine ring, has grown in popularity over the years, which has made the pricing slightly more competitive than back in the day. Comparably to all the other gemstones, aquamarine gemstones can range in size. Whilst some are relatively small, others can be reasonably bigger and weigh a good few kilograms. This way, an aquamarine ring can be customised to your preferred size and style, so that it stands out and dazzles people whenever it is on your finger or on the finger of the person you are gifting it to.

The gemstone is commonly found in mines, in locations in the likes of Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Brazil. Brazil was the location where the largest aquamarine was ever found, weighing a remarkable 110 kilograms. It was eventually decided for gemstone to be cut into smaller stones, producing more than 200,000 carats.

There are numerous myths and legends behind the breathtaking gemstone. Firstly, the spiritual meaning of aquamarine is that the gemstone is often on in the same with the sea, which means that the stone’s spiritual meaning is cleansing. It evokes both the beauty and mystery of the ocean.

A Roman legend states that the stone absorbs the atmosphere of young love. It can further stimulate the love of a married couple, hence why an aquamarine ring is suitable for marriage presents and engagements due to its symbolism for love. An aquamarine ring is said to bring many benefits into your everyday life, such as a sense of harmony and joy due to its enlivening colour. Bearers of an aquamarine ring are also believed to be presented with a better and more holistically healing from emotional trauma through cooling tempers and conflict.

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