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Authentic Indus Beverages Lassi and Chaas

Authentic Indus Beverages Lassi and Chaas

Lassi and chaas are some very beneficial yoghurt drinks popular in South Asia. Both the beverages are made with the hero ingredient, which is diary. Not only is a lassi drink good for your bones, it, along with chaas serves many health benefits.

Health Benefits of a Lassi Drink 

Lassi is not only a delicious and refreshing drink for warm summers, it is excellent for its therapeutic health benefits. Lassi could help with the following without being harsh on your stomach:

May help the digestive system 

Sometimes the kecveto food we eat makes digestion work overtime. You may find that you’re irregular or constipated. A lassi drink may help solve this issue for you, and its also good for bloating, which can happen again due to excess sodium in foods.

Probiotics for your gut

Another reason lassi is excellent is because it’s made with natural probiotics (yoghurt) this is perfect for the good bacteria and to create balance in your gut. When your gut is happy, the rest of your body feels good too.

Aids bone health 

Again, the diary in this beverage is an excellent source of calcium for healthy bones. This is good news for all ages.

Helps your immune system

Lassi also packs a punch to aid the health of your immune system. It’s high in vitamin D thanks to the milk content and also iron and if you add mint leaves to your lassi blend, this could aid respiratory function.

Chaas Drink Benefits for the Good of Your Health

Chaas or buttermilk consist of yoghurt, ginger, green chilli, mint leaves, coriander leaves, cumin, and chaat masala. It’s easy to see why this drink is so beneficial for your health.

A chaas drink may aid the following:

Hydrate efficiency

Chaas is a good drink for hydration, especially if you have been losing liquids.

Good at fighting heartburn

Too much stomach acid can lead to heartburn and indigestion. This drink of chaas can help calm these effects down without the horrible taste of most antiacids.

Alleviates constipation

Again, if you’re irregular, chaas can help. It, like lassi is packed with amazing ingredients and the power of diary.

Cooling and refreshing 

The presence of peppermint is a good addition o give that refreshing feeling on a warm and humid summer’s day. Served cold helps a good deal too, and this is the best way to serve it too.

Healthy foods and recipes don’t have to come from expensive ingredients. As you see, with chaas and lassi recipes, both use inexpensive, even very cheap, ingredients. That said, being able to afford what you need for these drinks means you can make it more often.

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