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Benefits of Using GPS Tracking Software With Geofences

Benefits of Using GPS Tracking Software With Geofences
Benefits of Using GPS Tracking Software With Geofences

Geofences seem pretty straightforward. Mark them on a map in your GPS tracking software and get notifications when vehicles move in and out. 

We’re sure that when you choose a fleet management software system, you’ll find several use cases of fleet management systems for your industry. However, use cases aside, there are some general benefits of having geofences in your GPS tracking software. We’ll discuss them in this article! 


How Geofencing From GPS Tracking Software Enhances Fleet Operations 

Other than fuel management, some of the biggest concerns of fleet management can be theft, route planning, data analysis, and driver supervision. When you use fleet management software with geofences, you get solutions for all these problems. Wondering how? Let’s find out! 


1. Safe Fleet Parking Due to Unauthorized Activity Alarms 

Do you have designated parking areas for the nights? Do all your vehicles have specific places where they are generally parked at specific hours? Do you fear theft while your vehicle is parked? The best way to get rid of that fear is by incorporating geofences into the parking mix. 


All you have to do is set a geofence around the parking area. If your vehicle leaves that area out of activity hours, you know it is being stolen! You can then pull the GPS location of the vehicle to recover it quickly. 


2. Analyze Real-Time Traffic Data 

Through geofences and V2V connectivity, you can leverage data to analyze real-time traffic conditions for specific areas. When you can access how much traffic there is between each POI, you can optimize the route not according to historical data, but real-time conditions. 

You can even analyze what condition the roads are in to see which route will be the smoothest, safest, and quickest. This traffic data analysis also helps generate ETAs that are accurate to the minute. 


3. Supervise Drives In Risky Areas 

Does your business require your fleet to go into unsafe areas? The lack of safety might come from rocky roads, chances of theft, or geographical issues. However, what is important is that you keep a look at your drivers while they are in such patches. 

You can set a geofence around risky areas and when the vehicle enters, you need to keep a close eye on the vehicle until it leaves the geofenced area. 


4. Check if Routes Are Being Adhered To

In most cases, you will not have time to sit in front of a screen and check if each vehicle is following its route. However, you can use geofences to mark forbidden areas that drivers can but shouldn’t detour to. This way, if your drivers detour a little bit due to unforeseen circumstances, you won’t have to bother. However, if they enter problematic areas, you’ll know immediately. 


TrackoBit WIll Mark a Geofence Around Your Heart! 

TrackoBit is one of the leading telematics software in India. We take geofencing seriously so resultingly, we also offer Points of Interest (POIs) as a small variation of geofencing. Book a demo with us and trust our software to handle your fleet operations and you’ll not be disappointed!

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