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Best Affordable Holiday Destinations in Europe 2022

Turkey is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Europe, so it’s not surprising that Marmaris tops the list. With turquoise waters and a balmy climate, Marmaris is a popular destination for British visitors. The country’s high inflation and weakened currency mean that holiday prices will likely be much lower in 2022 than they were last year. Here are three of the best cheap holiday destinations in Europe to visit in 2022.


Barcelona: If you’re on a budget, you’ll find cheap accommodation in the city and nearby beaches. You can find affordable accommodations by taking the train from Madrid to Barcelona. Both cities are connected by high-speed rail and cost just a few Euros per day. While they’re very different, both Barcelona and Madrid have plenty to offer. For a weekend break, check out Spain and Portugal’s sunny islands.

Great Option for Families

For a cheap holiday in Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great option. A day’s expenditure in this country is around EUR47, making it a great option for families with Thomas Cook Promo Code. Its food is delicious, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And the capital Sarajevo is buzzing. This country emerged from the turmoil of the Bosnian War and boasts a unique culture and beautiful landscapes.

Easy to Save Money

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s easy to save money on an unforgettable trip to Europe. You can find amazing accommodations, enjoy local food and culture, and experience the true culture and atmosphere of the place. If you’re looking for a more upscale and exclusive vacation, then Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the right choice for you. Just don’t forget the wine.


If you’re on a budget, consider Slovakia. There are many small ski resorts in Slovakia. The best ones are near Poprad in the High Tatras and Jasna in the Low Tatras. These resorts have a long season, so you’ll be able to ski throughout the year. The capital, Bratislava, is also very affordable – a three-course meal can cost as little as EUR5.

Most Affordable Holiday Destinations

If you’re looking for the cheapest holiday in Europe, take a look at these countries. They’re all great places to travel and can be very cheap on Travel Discount Codes. You can even save money on hotels. So, the best way to find the most affordable holiday destinations in Europe is to look online. With a little bit of research, you can find the cheapest countries in Europe for your next vacation. If you’re unsure of where to go, start with these eight.

Cheap Airfares

If you’re looking for the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe, look no further than Bulgaria. With its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and cheap airfares, this country is an excellent choice for a holiday. And if you’re not a big foodie, you can always sample the local cuisine, including burek. The price here is also reasonable compared to other European cities. With its cheap prices, you can travel to any of these destinations with Travel and Leisure Coupons.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city’s many restaurants will serve international cuisines and wine, so you can choose from a variety of cuisines at any time.

Budapest Best-value Destinations

Budapest is another of the best-value destinations in Europe. The city is home to a number of castles and cathedrals, as well as thermal spas. It is located in Transdanubia and is an easy 90-minute train ride from Riga. You can also enjoy the city’s infamous nightlife. A cheap trip to Budapest is a good option for those looking for an unforgettable holiday.


If you are looking for a cheaper holiday in Europe, Ukraine is a great choice. The country’s capital, Kyiv, is a fantastic destination for people on a budget. Its devalued currency means that it’s a good place for those who are looking for an authentic European experience. Moreover, the city’s food is cheap and delicious, which means it’s the perfect destination for a budget traveler.

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