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Best Credit Management Software To Look For In 2022

What Is Credit Management Software?

The best credit management software helps automate your credit application process to increase customer approvals and ensure more orders can be placed for your company’s goods and services. This is handled by:

  1. Identifying customers
  2. Determining their creditworthiness
  3. Monitoring their payment history through to the final payment of the invoice

High-quality credit decisions will lead to a healthy increase in company revenues while reducing receivables risk.

Credit management can be a process found within accounts receivable software. This is due to the similarities they offer within the systems, which include payment reminders, setting up customer profiles, creating to-do lists, and establishing payment arrangements. If your business has ever provided a good or service to a customer and let them pay at a different date, you’ve effectively extended credit to a customer, with the expectation that they will be paying you the amount in full (plus potential interest) at a later date.

Collections and Portfolio Management / Recovery Accounting Software

Delinquency Management Our delinquency management software maximizes the effectiveness of associates at banks, credit unions, auto dealers, finance companies, and financial institutions of all sizes. It provides tools for managing compliance with industry, regulatory, and corporate standards. Our delinquency management software will help you improve collection rates and minimize delinquency rates. You’ll be able to make informed decisions with our reports and key measurements.

Latitude by Genesys

The Latitude by Genesys collections solution has comprehensive debt collection and recovery capabilities for managing all pre- and post-charge-off accounts and workflow processes. It provides collectors and managers with the tools to manage the debt collection and recovery process. Extending credit to consumers, debt collections, and collections and recovery on delinquent or charge-off accounts are all complex functions. And outdated solutions or those not designed for such complexities are less efficient. These gaps in functionality put pressure on agents who are trying to meet their goals while adding the challenges of inventory management and, ultimately, lowering recovery rates.


Managing corporate accounts can be a pain to manage: credit approval, identity verification, offline invoicing and order consolidation, payment reminders and collections. In short, an Accounts Receivable nightmare. Apruve gives online merchants a turnkey corporate account management service to enable their customers to check out from their store without paying. Instead, they can consolidate multiple monthly orders for end of month invoicing – all automated by Apruve. Merchants manage user accounts, permissions and limits right from their Apruve dashboard. All payment reminders and collections are handled by Apruve as well. Apruve streamlines B2B eCommerce in the way PayPal made B2C eCommerce easier for merchants and consumers.

Credit Insights by ezyCollect

All businesses rely on cash flow and want to be paid by their clients. Businesses struggle at times with managing payments from their Clients. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get some quick and easy Credit Insights for your debtors ? Managing payments and doing Client Credit Checks takes time and effort. There is now an easier way. Credit Insights is a newly launched module that has just been released as part of the ezyCollect Platform. It automates the processes and procedures that are normally manual and time consuming. Credit Insights, a new module of the ezyCollect platform, offers an integrated service that provides the credit risk factor of current and new clients based on multiple analytics and metrics from data derived from multiple data agencies.

Aston iTF

Analyze your performance in one click for each level of your organization (group, subsidiary, customer portfolio and identify the areas of performance and action plans needed. Visualize in one click: actual and due outstandings, sales, DSO, aged balance, impact of litigation, top 20 customers late. Collaborate more effectively with other departments with always up-to-date reporting

Augmented Cash from Sidetrade

Sidetrade helps small, medium and large enterprises in B2B markets collect cash faster, solve customer disputes quicker and reduce bad debts and credit risk – while improving control, automation and oversight of your cash collection process. Ultimately it delivers strong ROI and helps you optimize working capital. Sidetrade has a 20-year track record, 2500 customers in > 80 countries, and is the leading provider of Cash Collection software worldwide.

Axe Credit Portal

Axe finance offers ACP, Axe Credit Portal, a powerful end-to-end integrated credit automation software. ACP helps lending institutions increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs through operational efficiency, proactively mitigate risk and ensure compliance with regulations.


Bilendo is a cloud software that helps companies save resources which need to be used for effective receivables management. Problems with internal coordination, complex customer structures and outdated IT solutions result in an overwhelming effort collecting receivables. Therefore cost pressure is increasing and credit risks are exacerbating the situation. As a centralized saas platform, Bilendo enables tasks in the invoice-to-cash process to be handled down to an individualized basis. With this innovation, companies can take more risks, concentrate on their day-to-day business and ensure stable growth. Bilendo GmbH was founded in 2015 by Markus Haggenmiller, Jakob Beyer and Florian Kappert in Munich.


Billfire Valet is the ideal best accounts receivable automation solution that delivers unsurpassed convenience and simplicity to the B2B payment experience. Valet’s invaluable tools result in improved collections, mitigated risk, increased employee productivity, and enhanced customer relationships.

Bottomline eCollect

Bottomline eCollect is an easy-to-use Direct Debit management solution, which allows organisations to easily collect Direct Debits on time, every time in full compliance with scheme rules and best practices.

Bottomline ePay

Specifically designed for UK businesses that are looking for a simple, modular, and reliable payments and collections solution, ePay offers industry-leading performance at an affordable price, without compromising on functionality or security. It ensures your money gets to the right place, at the right time, in the most cost-effective way. It simplifies and automates back office processes, minimising manual input and resource time. ePay easily integrates with all mainstream accounting, payroll, and ERP packages, collecting payment information in the first instance and reconciliation after processing.

Carol Collect

Our web-based software helps businesses get overdue accounts receivable paid faster and improve their cash flow using smart escalating reminders, settlement negotiations and manageable payment plans. Debtor counter offers and disputes are also facilitated for you while payment integrations ensure payments are made directly into your merchant account.

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