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Best Methods to Convert Mac Mail MBOX to PDF

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If you are using any email client which can save its data in .mbox format on your hard drive, then you must have the knowledge to convert them into PDF document format.

In this post, I will share a list of software to convert all Mac Mail email files. You can try all software with their free version and analyze the functionality of each.

Here is the top five Mac Mail MBOX email to PDF conversion software:

  1. CubexSoft Apple Mail to PDF Tool

The best and exact way to move Mac Mail to PDF document is the CubexSoft Apple Mail MBOX to PDF conversion tool. This amazing functionality helps you to perform this process with or without technical knowledge as it contains every single required step with simple usability.

  1. PCVARE MBOX to PDF Converter

It is a separate software with simple steps, it can convert all Mac Mail MBOX files to PDF with its attachments. Yes, with this software you can also have the choice to convert your files attachments into PDF documents.

  1. SoftWeak MBOX to PDF Tool

If you want to convert Mac Mail emails to PDF, then you can use this amazing software which is of just only two steps. It includes both steps on a single screen of the software.

  1. ToolsToExport MBOX to PDF Wizard

It has the ability to convert batch Mac Mail MBOX files in PDF file format, it allows users to select that folder that contains complete MBOX data. And then you can follow the further steps to change the file format.

  1. TransferMyMails Apple Mail to PDF Migration Tool

This tool contains various options like saving attachments options, filtration options, saving destination options, etc. so that every user can easily get their email data into PDF with the same structure of files.

Users Queries

How do I save Mac Mail data in .mbox files?

  1. Start your Apple Mail account and then choose that mailbox that you want to save in .mbox format.
  2. Now, you need to click on the Mailbox from Mail Menu and then hit on the Export Mailbox option.
  3. Then, you can choose the exact location for your extracted files and click on the Choose tab from the bottom of the software.

After the completion of this process, your data will be stored on the selected path of your computer system.

How can I find the best software from this list?

The best tool is the CubexSoft Apple Mail MBOX Converter, but if you want to compare all these software, then you can try these solutions with their demo version which is completely free, and also convert some Mac Mail MBOX files.

How do I use the tool on different computer systems?

If you want to use them at the same time then you need to get that edition of the software which allows users to use this software on multiple devices.

Is the PDF is safe for important MBOX email files?

Yes, PDF is the safest way to view and read important email files.

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