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Best Neon Signs in Vancouver

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Neon-colored signs are an effective method to draw the attention of passers-by. They’ve been lighting street corners of Vancouver in the early 1950s. The neon signs are flashy and bright enough to make any head turn. That’s why a lot of establishments continue to spend money on flashy neon signs Canada. The same is true in Vancouver. Vancouver, British Columbia. Here’s the list of the top neon signs that you can find in Vancouver. Did your favourite sign not figure in the list? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

  1. Dayton Boots

  2. The boot-shaped sign is the brand’s signature and a tribute to the history that the company’s founding father Charlie Wohlford. The year was 1940 and Wohlford was aware that some loggers struggled to find the right place to get their boots fixed. His friends then encouraged Wohlford to begin making and selling his own line of hand-crafted leather boots. He called “Dayton.” He then put up a neon sign in the front to draw prospective customers. In the past 70 years the neon sign can still be seen in front of this shop.
    1. Helen’s Children Wear

One of Vancouver’s most famous signage, the neon shines in North Burnaby along East Hastings Street. It was put up in 1955. The sign features a woman, Helen, moving back and forward on the swing. Its light show is lit at night. this historic sign survived the 1970s’ ban on neon-lit signs. It was used as an advertising for the store until 2006 when the store was closed. It is now regarded as an icon that has stood the years.

    1. Lonsdale Quay ‘Q’

A massive rotating neon “Q” is definitely something you shouldn’t be able to miss when visiting North Vancouver. In 1986 Lonsdale Quay Market was opened in 1986. Lonsdale Quay Market opened its doors to an event called the World Expo for various food and retail needs. The “Q” that sits tall in the middle is a symbol of the local community of that Lower Lonsdale area. It is also possible for anyone to ascend to the top to take in a stunning view over Vancouver’s cityscape.

    1. Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret

The Smilin Buddha Cabaret was a renowned venue that hosted live performances and other music events up to 1992. The location is rich in heritage throughout the City of Vancouver. It is an example of the successful post-war nightlife scene that was prevalent in the city for a number of years. The club eventually was closed, in the late 1950s and its neon signage was bought to be restored and repainted by the group known as 54-40. The sign is now in Vancouver’s Museum of Vancouver.

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    1. The Orpheum

One of Vancouver’s most admired neon signs, the sign advertises the Orpheum that was constructed in 1927. This was part of an cinema chain known as “the Orpheum Circuit which could house 3000 people and cost $1 million to construct. The neon sign that was originally used was titled ‘New Orpheum’ and its replacement in 1940’s with the one is in use today.

    1. The Sylvia Hotel

The Sylvia Hotel’s “S” sign is a symbol of the English Bay area. It was a beachfront estate that which was built in 1913 and became an elegant apartment building that had 77 units. It also served as the first city-wide cocktail bar, and is an important local landmark. The hotel is now in operation and is regarded as a treasure in this quiet area. Although there are many changes to the Sylvia Hotel has seen some renovations and changes throughout the years, one among the most beautiful signposts in the neon era in Vancouver remains in place to this day. The iconic sign is situated in the perfect location amongst lush vegetation on the building’s exterior.

    1. The Woodward’s W

In 1891, the store opened. Woodward’s was initially an department store, with its neon ‘W’ sign, which was a symbol for residents of Vancouver. Woodward’s was known because of the Food Floor, various retail sales, and deals to save money. The ‘W’ sign is located in the courtyard next to The Charles Bar on West Cordova Street. One interesting aspect to take note of is the fact that a replica of the ‘W’ was constructed on top of the Eiffel Tower’s miniature version in the year 2010.

    1. Vogue Theater

Near the Orpheum is close to the Orpheum is Vogue Theater It is it is an Art Deco theater topped by the 12-foot statue of Diana who is who is the Roman goddess. The theater was inaugurated in 1941 and is an iconic symbol within Vancouver. City of Vancouver. It’s among the few remaining buildings that were part of the original “Theatre Row.” The famous neon sign ‘Vogue’ is 62 meters tall with the hues of the lights changing with the course of. It’s an incredible attraction to behold within this beautiful city.

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