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Best Places to Visit Near Bangalore


Bangalore is a major city with a lot to offer to all the hard working 9 to 5. Popularly known as ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is packed with all the major tourist attractions on the outskirts of its city.

If you are looking for a small respite from the hustle and bustle of the city of a tech giant then here is just the list of places you desire.

Nandi Hills

If you wish to touch the clouds, Nandi hills is the best place to start. The Nandi hills give you a mesmerizing view of the sunset as it is situated at the height of 1,350 meters and among hills and Amrita Sarovarabove sea level. Famous for trekking, Nandi hills is beginner friendly and provides various activities such as paragliding and cycling.

The top attractions near Nandhi hills include Tipu’s drop, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, and many more. You can cover 1200 steps from the foot of the hill to Tipu’s Fort to have a breathtaking panoramic view of the landscape.


Chunchi Falls is the most visited tourist spot at a distance of 83 km from Bangalore. The multiple tier waterfall drops from a height of about 50 feet making it a stunning sight to behold.

The pool formed at the foot of the fall is best to swim, play and relax with your friends. Admire the beauty of the scenery and natural rock formation of the mountains around.


Kolar at a distance of 66 km from Bangalore is a major tourist attraction for all the adventure seekers. It is a popular rock-climbing destination.

Apart from the thrilling activity, it is a famous historically important place with its ancient temples. One of them being Sita temple on a hill where goddess Sita gave birth to the two twins Lava and Kusha.

Guhantara Resort

Guhantara is one of the best resorts for a family outing and is located about 60 km away from Bangalore. The resort is packed with all the modern facilities. However, the architectural theme of the resort depicts underground caves. The resort provides various indoor activities like snooker, tennis and board games and outdoor activities like paintball, horse riding and zip-lining with an extra fee. 

Mysore Palace

A three storied structure designed by an English architect depicts Indo-Saracenic style. The Mysore palace, officially known as Mysuru Palace, has square towers, domes, beautiful gardens and sculpted pillars in Durbar Hall.

If you want absolute delight, visit the palace on Sunday for the spellbinding light show done using over 90,000 lights. Apart from visiting this stunning palace, shop in the market of Mysore for Traditional silk and sandalwood. 

Hogenakkal Falls

You can’t miss out on Hogenakkal Falls if you are nature enthusiasts and love to see water streaming down. This waterfall will give you the vibes of Niagara in India with 14 different channels dropping from the height of 15 ft to 65 ft.

At an approximate distance of 146 km from Bangalore, Hogenakkal falls are at its peak during monsoon. The sight of river Cauvery splitting into different streams is quite mesmerizing. 


Around 187 km from Bangalore lies the Temple Capital of Karnataka, Hassan. It is a good place to explore ancient and some of the mystery temples in the town of Hassan, named after the goddess Hassanamba.

Structures as old as the 12th century reside here which most definitely will enthrall history enthusiasts. Some notable places are Hoysala Temple, Koravangala Temple, Statue of Lord Bahubali, Gorur Dam, Bisle Ghat and many more


Coorg lives up to its name as ‘Scotland of India’ with its scenic beauty among misty hills and green carpeted land. Famous for the coffee plantation, the hills of Coorg will entice you with its aroma and stunning vantage points.

There are a number of activities like trekking, white water rafting and paragliding to make your weekend perfect. At a distance of 265 km from Bangalore Coorg offers the panoramic mountains, gushing rivers, daunting waterfalls and lush forest.


Ooty blessed with nature is often regarded as the ‘Queen of Hills’ at about 276 km away from Bangalore. An absolute delight for the soul, the view of hills is rejuvenating to look at. Adorned with the tea plantation, the hillside gives you a glimpse into a piece of heaven. The beauty of this place is increased tenfold by its botanical gardens and range of birds with spectacular sight.

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