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Brand Loyalty – Everything That You Need to Know

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Brand loyalty is a phrase that you have most likely heard plenty of times before. It’s a very popular topic, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns. In the past, consumers may have been more inclined to purchase products from lesser-known brands because they didn’t know any better. But thanks to technology and the power of social media, people are now able to learn about companies from other people around their area or around the world. This has forced many companies to step up their game for them to compete in today’s economy.

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of consumers who only buy products from one particular company no matter how difficult things get financially or what deals they see on other items. These people are known as “brand loyalists.” What keeps them from purchasing products from other brands?

Brand loyalty is the devotion of a consumer to a particular brand. This can be due to various reasons such as past experiences, product quality and performance, and customer service, or pre-roll packaging (if you are selling pre-rolls).  This article will elaborate you some of the key factors to increase brand loyalty. So, keep reading to know more about it.


Not all consumers consider price when it comes to buying products. For some people who enjoy great value for their money, they tend to stick with certain brands regardless of how expensive these items are.

However, there are still those who will always look for cheaper alternatives – even if that means having to sacrifice performance or quality. For companies to keep brand loyalists on their side despite any kind of promotion sale by competitors, they need to maintain the price of their items to be considerably higher.

Brand Image:

This is another reason why consumers tend to stay with specific brands despite having other options available. For example, Nike is historically famous as an athletic shoe brand. This means that people will generally believe that any shoes created by Nike are meant for sports or fitness activities – including casual wear.

On the other hand, Adidas is also a popular shoe brand, but their products are often preferred by those who enjoy fashion and style rather than being sports enthusiasts. It is much easier for a company to create brand loyalty if they understand how their target market perceives them in terms of the product image.

Product Quality:

Based on reviews from customers, Nike shoes are not as good as Adidas. Customers get disappointed with the lack of durability and craftsmanship of some Nike shoes. One customer claimed their Nike Air Max shoe only lasted a year before it started falling apart.

Some people said Adidas has poor quality. But this was not true for most people. Adidas is more durable and sturdier than its competitors, and they have a two-year warranty on their authentic products.

Better Client Servicing Experience

Adidas offers better client service and marketing strategies for its products. This is why people can easily find where to buy authentic Adidas shoes without having the company’s website or using social media. But if you don’t want to do this, you can click here to buy your Adidas shoes today with the internet!

If you are not sure, know that their customer service representatives are friendly and good at answering your questions. Plus, they also ship internationally so there is nothing to worry about in terms of cost. They can also tell you if your shoes will fit well or not. So, take advantage of them when you need to!

When you buy Adidas shoes, you can know what size they are. All sizes follow the same set of standards that are common in shoe stores. So, if you know your European size or length, then you can get a perfect match at Adidas.

This said, if the European sizes are not enough for you and you would like additional assistance, make sure to ask their customer service representatives for help. If you do that, it will take longer compared with using the standard measurement system. But they will still help.

Free Delivery of Products

For every purchase of Adidas Shoes on their website, you can expect to receive free delivery. This means that you will not have to spend extra just to get your orders delivered right to your doorstep.

If you are not happy with the shoes that you received, you can return them. But there is one rule: they cannot be worn or used. If they are, then you cannot return them.

Adidas has a list of loyal customers. They buy Adidas products because they know that they are worth the money. You should be one too! To start, you can buy one and see for yourself how good it is.

Use of Quality Packaging Boxes

When you buy Adidas shoes, they come in a special package. This is to protect the items while they are being transported. Such boxes are made out of sturdier materials which can provide better protection against possible risks along the way.

Furthermore, it also serves as an additional marketing tool – these boxes look good, plus they’re made with excellent craftsmanship! It’s very unlikely that you’ll throw such packaging unless there’s something wrong with its contents, so this will serve as a reminder of Adidas every time you see them! This may not seem like much but remember, humans do nothing without purpose, so Adidas knows what they’re doing!

Moreover, if you selling some other product, you can use custom printed display boxes to pack your products. It will give you more favorable results for your products.


So now that you know a lot about Adidas product packaging, it will not be hard to find them in the market, right? Next time you find a couple of boxes that look the same and are carried by two different people wearing Adidas clothing, try asking which store they came from. If it is an Adidas store, congratulate their owner.

Adidas is doing everything they can to make people want to buy their products. Furthermore, because of these branding tactics, sports fans are never starting to trust other brands as much as Adidas! It makes sense, too – who doesn’t want quality sportswear made out of high-quality materials at good prices? Thanks for reading this article!


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