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Can Fleet Management Software Help Keep Cities Clean? An Overview of Waste Management

Can Fleet Management Software Help Keep Cities Clean An Overview of Waste Management
Can Fleet Management Software Help Keep Cities Clean An Overview of Waste Management

What is the one thing that can make towns and cities extremely clean? It’s effective waste management! If municipalities use effective fleet management solutions, every city in India can be like Indore. 

Good fleet management solutions come with trip planning and allotment along with garbage collection and dumping features. With the help of the right GPS tracking software, you can almost automate the entire garbage disposal process in your city and live in a healthy and safe environment. 

So, do you want to know what these things are that can help you improve waste management in your city? Read on to find out more! 


Route Planning to Cover Each Bin 

Good fleet management systems use route management as their strong suit. In waste management, if the route is optimally set throughout the city, half the battle is already won. After all, it is planning the city and its developments that take the most time, right? 

Route management is especially important in waste management because of the number of touchpoints. While in logistics, you will only have a spot or two to stop at, in waste management, every bin is an equally important touchpoint about 2-3 kilometers away from one another. 

With fleet management software, you can automate the entire route optimization process. Just enter the bin locations and let the software plan the best route for you! 


Better Driver Behavior 

An important thing about fleet management software systems is that you get to track driver behavior very easily. With the help of sensor integration and software aid, you can easily track what drivers are doing and how they are driving your vehicles. 

If you add video telematics to the mix, you will know exactly what your drivers are up to and why and how they make mistakes, if any. 

Better driver behavior analysis will help you weed good drivers from bad ones. This way, you can make your fleet much more efficient and productive while maintaining good vehicle health as well. 


Route Deviation to Report Missed Bins 

One important point that needs to be covered by any waste management software system is that no bins should be missed. In case vehicles do end up missing bins on the way, fleet managers should get notifications for the same. 


When managers are informed about this, they could either get the concerned driver to go back or plan other vehicles’ routes accordingly. 


Sensor Integration 

One of the best things about fleet management software systems for waste management is that they offer integration with sensors. It is through these sensors that you can tell several things in your waste management system. 

You can install load sensors in the bins to know if a bin is about to get full. You can also install them on collection trucks to know when they’ve reached their maximum capacity. Other sensors such as tire pressure monitors and fuel sensors are important for waste management fleet management. 


Summing Up 

A good fleet management software system is important to ensure that your city stays clean with effective waste management. There are a lot of ways in which you can make use of the right fleet management software system to manage your waste management fleet effectively. 

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