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Can We Apply Pressure On The Face In Post Botox Instructions?

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Getting Botox injections on your face can prove really productive for you to achieve flawless skin. Botox can work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles surrounding eyes, lips, forehead, and cheeks. But, it would only derive expected outcomes when you follow the post botox instructions carefully. After completing the treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will give some aftercare instructions to follow strictly. Avoid rubbing your face is one of these important instructions that you must comply with. But, you might feel surprised why the expert has instructed you not to touch your face after Botox?

Why you should not touch your face after Botox?

Avoid touching your face is highly recommended for the best post Botox care by cosmetic surgeons. This has a particular and valid reason. Touching and rubbing the face could make pressure on the injection site. Therefore, it can cause Botulinum Toxin to shift to another site where it is not needed actually. Consequently, you can experience Botox results on the facial muscles that are not intended to paralyze. So, it can produce uneven and unexpected results for your skin that will disappoint you heartedly.

What is the protective measure?

However, it is not binding for you to avoid touching your face after Botox for a longer period. But, it must be avoided strictly for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Botulinum Toxin requires some time to settle in the facial muscles. But, when you put pressure on your face, it can transfer to another site which can interfere with results. So, as per the protective measure, you must avoid rubbing and washing your face for 24 hours. You should also not wear a hat during this time as it can also cause strain on the face.

Can we sleep after Botox?

As per the post Botox instructions, you must avoid lying down for at least 4-5 hours after treatment. It can also cause the dose to travel to other muscles on the face. But, it does not indicate that you cannot sleep for 24 hours after Botox. You can get a nap at night, but again, you must avoid sleeping on your face. You must sleep in a straight position on your back to avoid any strain on the face. If you have a problem with a straight sleeping position, then you can use pillows to surround your body. But, you cannot avoid ultra care for the injection site to let Botox work effectively.

How to avoid touching face after Botox?

Well, it is really hard to control yourself from touching the face. Did you know that an average person touches his/her face 15 times in a minute? It is really surprising, so how could you avoid touching your face? It is actually the control of your brain that you can do with some tricks. You must keep yourself engaged in reading your favorite book. You can do routine household chores that do not make you tired and sweat. You can also do facial exercises to avoid touching your face.

To sum up

In the post Botox instructions, caution to rub and touch the face is really important. When you touch or rub the injection site, again and again, it could migrate to another site. So, you have to make a commitment with yourself not to touch or rub the face. Botox will work effectively without any doubt for your skin. But, you only need to follow this simple yet important instruction to attain maximum skin benefit. You can consult with your surgeon for more instructions.

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