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Celebrities who loved to play Roblox 2022


Roblox Redeem has become so popular that many celebrities and social media influencers also play it. Some of them use it for creating content on their pages. Many YouTubers play on live streams and get thousands of views. Some of the viewers even gift them money for doing their requested tasks.

In this article, we will discuss celebrities and content creators making videos for the players. Learning games from their gameplay can benefit you in many ways. You can get ahead of your friends by finding amazing tricks and glitches in the game. Read further to know more.

Zara Larsson

She is a famous singer in Hollywood with many hit albums and recognized many social issues on a global platform. She has been a part of the Roblox players community for a long time. Many famous influencers like Flamingo have collaborated with her and played live games on YouTube. When the gaming platform got to know about her interest, they reached out to her as a part of famous events and merchandise.

Zara had an income through the sales of these merchandise. She is the only known celeb who has got so deeply connected with the game. These are some other players rumored to play Roblox:

  • Kanye West
  • Logic
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee
  • Kim Kardashian

These are the YouTube celebrities to play Roblox


Zack is a YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers and regularly updates videos on Roblox. His favorite game on the platform is Brookhaven and, he has created content on Brookhaven. The influencer is well-known for creating an imaginary scenario in the role play game where he has built a house with a family and friends. Its gameplay gets displayed as a series. Here every day comes with new events and excitement.

Some of his popular videos from Brookhaven are:

  • The scariest guy on earth
  • I pay my mum to love me
  • Stuck in the same day
  • I am the forgotten child of my family.
  • The strongest guy on the earth
  • Stuck in a TV
  • The most handsome guy on earth.

Mackenzie Turner Roblox

As the name suggests, her YouTube channel is full of Roblox videos. She creates content by enacting as a celebrity of the 3D world. There are 1.5 million subscribers on her channel, and they appreciate her barbie aesthetics. In the description, you will find her as a 22 years old fun and loving girl obsessed with ice cream, cotton candy, unicorns. An influencer is based in Vancouver, Canada, and loves to enact different scenarios in her Brookhaven life.

Mackenzie has a peculiar voice that attracts the audience, and beware she likes to scream a lot.

Some of the famous works are:

  • Birth to death
  • The hated child
  • Princess
  • Adopted

Graser plays

This YouTuber has not mentioned much about his identity on the platform. But, we know that he joined in 2019 from Canada. There are 159 videos uploaded on his channel up till now. All of them are related to Roblox. Recently started making videos and got a lot of success with thousands of views. The video president has a crush on me has the highest number of views among all of his clips. He has a lot of fans on other social media platforms as well.

There is 569k subscriber on his channel. Do you want to watch his famous videos? Here is the list.

  • From the hated child to YouTube celebrity.
  • I dated the president.
  • The billionaire has a crush on me.
  • I saved Elsa in Roblox Brookhaven.

Silly on Roblox

She is an enthusiastic content creator with 459k subscribers. There are more than 500 videos on the channel, and many new clips are on the way. There is not much information on the person behind the name username other than her hometown in the Netherlands. She started YouTube in 2015, a dedicated Roblox player since then.

‘She was the hated child in Brookhaven with IAMSANNA’ is her most popular video with 2.2 million views. Most of her recent content shows collaboration with other influencers, and she plays live Roblox games and controls the character’s voice.

Some of her popular videos from Brookhaven are:

  • I accidentally expose myself
  • I donated 50000 dollars to the prettiest house on the street.
  • My evil twin versus me in the tower of Hell.

Leah Ashe

Leah is YouTuber from the United States who loves to travel and make videos with her friends on Roblox. She has a huge fan base on Instagram with 625k followers and uploads all the content with a pink aesthetic because it is her favorite color. All the other social media platforms are filled with content by this influencer.

Even though she has only 236k subscribers on her YouTube channel, her content has reached the 1.5 million views mark. The popular uploads by her are:

  • Growing up in Brookhaven
  • The hated child got kicked out.
  • She was a celebrity, and no one knew
  • Pretending to the celebrities in Brookhaven.
  • Robbing the richest guy and then marrying him
  • Birth to death as a princess in Brookhaven.
  • The secret club was formed with rich girls only.


Many YouTubers are playing Roblox and making content with its 3D world. The audience appreciates their role play and tricks to move ahead in the game. We have mentioned the famous influencers who create videos. You can easily find them and enjoy them!

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