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Chinatown, NYC Is So Much More Than What You Might Expect

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Few NYC neighborhoods are as misunderstood as Chinatown, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. There are more than just delicious dumplings in this historic district. The neighborhood has plenty of incredible things to see and do. If you know where to look. If you’re curious about what Chinatown has to offer but haven’t visited yet, take. This guide on amazing things to do and see in Chinatown, NYC with you. So you can easily book a flights to New York and explore the area like a local while you’re there.

The Culture

Chinatown is home to a large number of Chinese Americans and is one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods. Located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s bounded by Bowery on its north and Doyers Street on its south. The boundaries of Chinatown are unclear. But usually considered to be Grand Street on its west to Division Street in the east. In addition to housing Chinese immigrants and serving as a major tourist attraction for those visiting New York City, Chinatown also houses some of New York’s most famous landmarks including Mahayana Temple, Hip Sing Association Building & Museum and Fukienese American Museum. This rich history has created a dynamic neighborhood. That has consistently been evolving from an ethnic enclave into a melting pot of people from all over.

The History

Chinatown is one of New York City’s oldest neighborhoods. First settled in 1820 as an immigrant quarter for Irish, Germans and other European immigrants; it soon became home to Chinese emigrants. The 1890’s brought a mass migration of Chinese to America. Which is a small number settled in Manhattan’s Chinatown on Mott Street. By 1905 Chinatown had spread up around Mulberry Street. The district is today bounded by East Broadway (the street) on north. Chatham Square on east; Bowery on south; and East Broadway on west. As Asian immigration has continued into present day Chinatown has expanded beyond its borders.

The Neighborhood

Chinatown is an area of New York City that was historically. Made up of a small area located in Lower Manhattan around Mott and Canal Streets. Now Chinatown has spread well beyond its initial borders to encompass all of Manhattan below 14th Street and portions of adjacent neighborhoods. Though it has been thoroughly Americanized over time and has recently seen an influx of new immigrants from China, it still serves as a home for many Chinese people and restaurants. If you want to visit these beautiful places, then book your frontier airlines flights and enjoy your vacation trip. Here are some cool places to visit during your next trip!

For more than 50 years, Little Italy was actually two Little Italies: Little Italy and Chinatown. The areas became known as one after Fiorello LaGuardia’s mayoral victory in 1945, at which point he demanded that Columbus Day be celebrated with separate parades on Fifth Avenue for each neighborhood. The tradition lasted until 1998 when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani successfully petitioned organizers to eliminate Little Italy’s participation in parade festivities because he felt it unfairly excluded other communities who held significant Italian populations. But these days you can easily find Italian eateries (alongside Chinese ones) within walking distance of Chinatown along Mulberry Street between Canal and Hester streets—and there’s no better way to experience both Little Italys than with a walking tour !!!

Where To Go/What To Do

At most, a few hours is all you’ll need to spend in Chinatown – But after that time is up. It’s time to go home, you’ll be surprised by how much ground, you covered and how many new things you saw or tried. Here are some highlights: The Museum of Chinese in America : This museum offers an interesting look at Chinese-American history with a wide variety of exhibits and collections. Most of these will hit close to home for those who have experienced or seen Chinese culture before as a lot of them represent history from Chinatown itself. The musical instrument exhibit comes to mind as something unique I didn’t expect but also loved so much!

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