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Comprehensive Driver Behaviour Monitoring System for Flawless Fleet Management

Modern-day fleet management software comes with comprehensive solutions to enhance fleet efficiency, driver behaviour monitoring solution being the top most on the list. In the fast-moving world, how could vehicles slow down? Especially, when so much rides on the logistics and transport sector. 

The new-age fleet management software has solved age-old problems of the transport sector. However, technology has also increased the bandwidth for catering to more tasks in less time. Hence, the scope of anomalies also increases. However, automation helps mitigate them.

Solutions Offered by Driver Behaviour Monitoring Software System

The driving behaviour management software system offers comprehensive solutions including video telematics. 

  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring

Get insights into the driving behaviour of your drivers while they are on duty. You get notified every time they over speed, over idle, apply harsh brakes or accelerate abruptly. Reckless driving has an ill impact on the efficiency of the vehicle and the fleet. Some of the ill effects include – an increase in fuel consumption, jeopardising consignment safety, and putting the driver’s life at risk. Driver behaviour monitoring reports give a thorough insight into the driver’s performance. 

  • DMS – Driver Monitoring System

With a Driver monitoring system or DMS in place, you get visual insights into driver activities. With a dash cam installed inside the car, you get snapshots or video clips catching the driver in action. It notifies with an alert, every time the driver is caught in an event such as smoking, distracted, yawning, or sleeping. You get a notification when somebody else is driving the vehicle and not the assigned driver. Everything happens in real-time therefore reaching out to the driver and warning him before an emergency occurs is what DMS is about. 

  • ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System

While the DMS device faces the driver, the ADAS camera captures the road events. As the name suggests, ADAS assists drivers in performing safe driving. It generates alerts for events such as lane switching, overspeeding, collisions and more. It also makes a beep sound every time the driver loses control over his driving or does not abide by the road safety rules. Violating road signals is one of the most committed road violations. ADAS helps keep a check on unnecessary challans or fines.  

Benefits of Driver Behaviour Monitoring, DMS and ADAS

Your fleet management software can have rewarding benefits if it also offers a complete driver behaviour management solution. Let us discuss some practical benefits fleet owners enjoy.  

  1. It ensures vehicle, driver and consignment safety.
  2. Reduces fuel wastage by stimulating good driving practices. Economic driving saves at least 30% fuel compared to rash or aggressive driving.
  3. Lesser signal violations or road safety rule violation means fewer challans. 
  4. Distracted driving accounts for nearly 10% of fatal crashes in the U.S.A. Studies show that video telematics can result in fewer road accidents and also helps in investigations.
  5. Save up to 7% of the total fleet expense just by improving driver behaviour. 
  6. Improves customer satisfaction as the overall efficiency of the operation improves. Hence, clients lay complete trust in the fleet owners.

Best Driver Behaviour Monitoring Software

Not every fleet management software comes with complete driving behaviour monitoring solutions. TrackoBit is one of the few software providers that offer a comprehensive driver monitoring system including vehicle and video telematics.

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