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Content Marketing: the Key to Getting more Views

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The real estate industry is a fickle enterprise and when people hear about content marketing they doubt it is actually for individual real estate agents. Why would real estate agents bother to add pages filled with writing, images and videos if all they want to do is sell property?

Well, there are a few things that come with content marketing that many real estate agents overlook. After all, while selling properties is what real estate agents do, there’s a lot more to it than just showing houses and talking to clients. Content marketing can give you everything you need to make it in this industry, sell property and grow your business.

Great content marketing builds trust and can establish you as an expert in the industry. As social media is becoming a central marketing strategy in the age of the internet, having something to share on these platforms will help you stand out in this competitive market. A bit of technical know-how and understanding SEO will generate organic traffic to your website, and, by extension, your business.

Make a Difference through Content Marketing

The information available online about you and your business comes in two forms. The one that you post online and the one others post about you. The first type is straightforward, like listings, details about your business and this can be highlighted by you. The second type includes reviews, ratings, comments and it is out of your control. However, a lot of information can be created by you that is not as straightforward, can be juggled with and gives you a freedom to share your experience and knowledge related to your business. You can write, film, photograph and post your own content on platforms and this can differentiate you from the other real estate agents.

Still, it’s not only about creating content and posting it online. It’s about creating quality content. There is a lot of noise on the internet within the real estate industry and your job is to stand out. If a few years ago, prospects had few options to browse through, today, there are so many and your ability to stand out has everything to do with your content marketing strategy and quality. Your content needs to engage the public so share information that prospects are likely to want to see. Our aim is to give you a few pointers on using content marketing as the key ingredient that will boost your views, deals and closed sales.

Get your Website Game on Point

Creating content isn’t only about what you give your audience, but also how you give it to them. The way your website looks tells a great deal about you and your business. It is, after all, your digital image. Just like in real life you can make a good or bad impression, the same can happen online. The next tips will help you create a website that gives your audience what they need in a professional setting.

  • Simple is always better – clutter should be avoided online, just as it is offline. Avoid overcrowding your space and don’t think that every inch of space should be filled. A simple design makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. Allow the content to be the attraction by not adding distractions on your website.
  • Accessibility – users are supposed to be able to find what they’re looking for without using a magnifying glass or a compass. Label everything and make sure that the text is understandable. Stay away from Comic Sans as that does not show professionalism. To be safe and for inspiration, look at how your favorite websites are designed.
  • Easy finds – the main purpose of your website is to help you sell properties. For this, your listings should be easy to search and browse through. Clients are used to the flexibility of listing sites like Zillow or Trulia. Their user-friendliness interface is what keeps them at the top. Make sure your prospects have a seamless experience that takes them to their desired home with ease.

Engagement through Written Content

Written content can come in many shapes and sizes. However, whether it’s a blog post, a news article, or tutorials and tips & tricks, most of the content you provide on your website will be written. Figuring out what to write about is another story. Up next you’ll find a few examples.

  • Share experiences – whether it’s positive experiences you’ve had with customers or details about what the whole process was like for them, prospects are interested in anything that might make them more equipped to deal with the selling or buying process. Frequently asked questions are also popular and they can simplify your interaction with your clients. If you don’t have to explain every acronym or term to them while you’re showing a home, you’ll sell the home faster.
  • Share information – give your audience access to information they would otherwise search for elsewhere. This is a great way to keep them engaged. Posts about home improvement tips for sellers or credit boosting tricks for buyers can go a long way as they get ready to start the real estate dance. Anything that can be useful for homeowners whether it applies to the selling/buying process, upgrades, updates and maintenance of the home, it’s all good.
  • Share knowledge – as mentioned above, clients don’t come across real estate information often, unless they search for it. However, the more specific you are with the market information you share, the easier it will be to draw attention to your content. Whether it’s information regarding the area of interest, details about public services and facilities, local government, school related information, taxes and commuting, all will help clients. Everyone wants to learn more about the area that they are moving to and all are things your clients are looking for.

Through written content you can implement SEO strategy and make your website appear first in your clients Google search results. For this, you should research keywords related to any blog post you make and see what comes up. Once you have them, focus on those keywords within the written content. Anything from day-to-day experiences to elaborate and in detail analysis of market trends can help not only give your clients a perspective of the market, but also a sense of who you are. Just remember, your writing content is meant to promote your real estate business, not start a new career as a blogger.

Spark Interest through Video Content

Seeing as the real estate industry is all about the physical space, using videos to promote your work only makes sense.

  • Video property tours and neighborhood tours show much more than a few photos ever could. Through movement, you can give your clients a better understanding of the property, the neighborhood and the overall atmosphere within the community. Set up a camera in your car as you drive around, or get a mobile camera as you take a walk around the block. The character of the neighborhood can help a property sell faster than a scheduled visit. Give them a sense of what a typical morning or evening in the backyard is like and introduce them to the local scene. Most walk-throughs don’t give clients the time and opportunity to see what life is like in that area. So you just give them that through videos.
  • Client testimonials go a long way to showcase your abilities and practices. These might just be the best kind of advertising as prospects get it from satisfied customers. People who worked with you and are recommending you to others is like having a friend recommend a realtor to you. Former clients of yours went through the same experience as prospects are and they will be able to relate to them with ease. After all, word-of-mouth is the best type of marketing.

Keep them Scrolling through Graphic Content

Today’s world is all about visuals. So, naturally, photos are the next best thing after videos. Pinterest for example demonstrates just how incredible images can be to get your audience engaged. Photos of the property are essential, but add a few of the neighborhood as well, and community activities. Especially if you are promoting a gated and/or retirement community, clubs and amenities work to show clients what their life can look like if they move there. People want to see what they can expect and first hand experiences can do just that.


Creating content marketing can be simple or complex. It all depends on how much you want to invest in it. The results, however, speak for themselves and your business will be positively impacted by this investment. Going viral in this day and age is more accessible than ever and the content online is growing by the day. Competition is fierce but as a real estate professional, competition shouldn’t be a foreign concept. However, as mentioned above, these services can be delegated. Platforms online like The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® ensure that your clients find what they are looking for, while you focus on sales and satisfied clients. We handle the content while you focus on your part of the game.

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