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Custom Pillow Boxes are Bound to Make an Impact in Your Business

Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes have become an important part of the growing market. People love to have pillow boxes to encase their gifts. However, the pillow boxes are considered the best option for creating a unique impact on the customers as well.

Custom pillow boxes carry various advantages as well for any kind of business. When your product is placed within a pillow shape box it will nicely capture the eyes of the onlookers and they will like to hold the box in curiosity.

You can nicely design your pillow packaging to create the difference. Just go through the following tricks to create a difference:

Focus on the Material

There are various packaging materials available within the market which you can avail of to structure your pillow boxes.

The kraft and cardstock are the most durable materials which you can avail. Creating your boxes by utilizing these materials is a lightweight approach. These lightweight boxes are easy to transport and carry as well.

Further, you can incorporate handles on the boxes as well. Through the incorporation of these handles, the boxes look most enticing and your customers can carry the custom pillow box easily.

Focus on the Graphical Canvas

You have to look for elegant ways to enhance the aesthetics of your pillow box packaging to create an impactful impression for potential buyers.

The following are some of the enticing design ideas you can adopt for pillow packaging

Disney Pillow Boxes

If you are there to offer attractive gifts and favors for the children then have the pillow packaging by embedding Disney artwork. For instance, you can implement red as the base color on the box and can show mickey mouse caricature without showing facial features in black color. This will look really attractive.

Pillow Tea Boxes

If you are manufacturing tasty herbal tea, bath salts, or potpourri the custom pillow packaging is the finest option. You can give the pillow box a tan color as solid and add the tea shape stamping in the smallest size all over the box.

Moreover, you can seal the box from one side with a green color rectangular sticker. Further, on the sticker, you can add the name of your tea brand. This tea pillow box design will make your product look beautifully presentable.

Cinnamon Stick Pillow Boxes

People love the fragrance of cinnamon. It is mostly utilized for stirring tea or coffee to give the drink a nice flavor. If you are manufacturing these tasty cinnamon sticks and want to present them elegantly within the market then you can wrap the sticks within these modish pillow packaging. You can structure the pillow box according to the size of the cinnamon sticks.

Pillow Soap Boxes

If you want that people should remember your soaps for a long time then don’t forget to present them in an elegant way. So, how you can do so? You can simply create an impactful impression by being playful with the graphical imprints and typography.

For instance, if you want to simply encase your soaps within a kraft pillow box then just add a sleeve wrap of cardstock on the custom pillow box by typing the name of your brand and the main ingredients.

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