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Cute Bear Drawing – Step by step tutorial

Cute Bear Drawing

Cute Bear Drawing

Draw a beautiful sweet cartoon with simple drawing instructions and step by step and a drawing tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists! Do you want to learn to draw a sweet cartoon bear? With the help of this wild animal -you will soon master the Sweet Cartoon Bear crowd. Many cartoons have problems looking for food! Yogi Bear was known to steal picnic baskets at campers. Winnie the Pooh often annoyed the bees as he was trying to steal their honey.


Unfortunately, cartoons are not the only ones to have difficulties. When bears taste for human food, you can approach hikers or campers, enter cars or even try to enter the buildings to search for it. What can you do? Do not feed the bears! Never offer food to a wild animal. Do not throw food or waste on the ground; Keep it or by having a safe place. It is of crucial importance because bears that fly food are often moved or even asleep to avoid dangerous conflicts with people. Can you raise awareness by drawing these soft cartoon bears?


Instructions for drawing a nice bear cartoon

Step 1:

Start the cute tear from the cartoon bear by outsourcing your head. Note the sweet points on the forehead and the cheek.


Step 2:

Utilize a straight line to draw the bear’s cheek. Then use several curved lines to draw the fur breast.


Step 3:

Use curved lines to describe the bear’s body more. Build the chest and draw the stomach and the start of the lower leg.


Step 4:

Use a long curved line to draw the back of the bear. Curred it to double and meet the leg and form the foot or paw. Take your toes with curved lines.


Step 5:

Use a curved line to describe the remaining rear leg. Draw your toes with a curved line.


Step 6:

Use lines formed “C” to draw the ears of the bear. Debt the interior of the ears with curved lines.


Step 7:

Draw the bear’s eyes. Think of each eye with two curved lines. Then draw a circle in a circle in each eye. The shadow between the two circles displays the student. Draw a curved line on each eye to form the eyebrows.


Step 8:

Draw a circle for the bear’s nose, with curved lines above and below to form the muzzle. Place a quick line at the intersection of the smiling jaws.


Step 9:

Cute Bear Drawing


Complete your outline of the soft cartoon bear by drawing your arms and deleting it if necessary. Use curved lines to sketch your arms, riding lines showing your fingers. Test the puff’s paw cushion by drawing a round shape.


Step 10:

Cute Bear Drawing

Color your simple cartoon of a bear. We shaded our brown. Bears can also be black, white, blond, reddish, or a combination of colors.

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