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Edinburgh Removals – Guardian Moving & Storage are an experienced International removals & moving company providing storage services across Scotland & UK

If you need removals from Edinburgh to anywhere around the world, Guardian Moving & Storage (GMS) have the combined knowledge and expertise to tailor a bespoke service to meet your requirements. We are a B.A.R. accredited Edinburgh removals company and have the expertise to safely provide moving and storage for your possessions in Scotland, the UK, Europe and beyond. In fact, we can provide our fantastic and highly rated removals service to any worldwide destination.

If you would prefer, you also can store your valued possessions at our safe and secure storage facility, which is based just outside of Edinburgh.

It’s a well-known fact that moving home can be one of the most stressful tasks that you go through in life, and we understand this fact better than anyone as a business. We have years of experience carrying out Edinburgh removals and removals further afield, which is why we take the time and care to wrap and transport your important belongings with the attention and care that you would do for the same job yourself. All in all, Guardian Moving and Storage takes the strain out of your big move with reliable Edinburgh removals and abundant, safe, secure storage.

Here at Guardian Removals, we have years of experience in providing the best of the best when it comes to removals for businesses and those moving from home to home. We cover everywhere from Edinburgh to the other side of the world, and our team of vastly experience experts have seen it all over the 20 years we’ve been operating. We also regularly carry out removals for people looking to relocate around the world, and can help you do the same.

One of our key specialities, however, lies with our closest neighbour and landmass – Europe. Moving to Europe can be an intimidating experience, and a difficult one to say the least. If you’re planning a move, you already have enough to worry about without the additional stress of moving all of your possessions. But feat not. We are here to take the stress away from the relocation process, making moving to Europe as simple as possible.

We cover all of Europe by road, and our dedicated European department of expert, well trained staff are fully capable of moving all of your possessions to the UK’s closest neighbours. We can also help take care of all your customs clearance paperwork that are now in place due to Brexit, and we can advise you on everything you need to know, every step of the way

Let’s take a look at the kind of provisions we make and services we provide for those looking to move to Europe.

Primarily, we offer 2 options for customers moving to Europe, they are…

The Full Dedicated Service

Working backwards from your date of delivery, we build a specific European move plan back to the loading date. This gives us time to cover everything we need, and allows additional time for Covid testing, clearance through customs borders and arriving right on time.

This service is a dedicated service for your consignment throughout all of our popular European destinations – Spain – France – Germany – Italy – Switzerland – Netherlands – Belgium. It’s something we provided customers moving to Europe for years, and we can do the same for you. Get in touch for more details on 0131 551 6780, 01506 853 366, or 07900 957 684, or you can drop us an email at [email protected] for any and all information or queries you might have about moving to Europe.

The Part Load Service

Another service we provide for those looking to move to Europe is our part load service. This offering is if you’ve got a lot of possessions, perhaps an entire home or office, and is particularly designed for if your move volume does not fill one of our largest removal trucks. This might fill you with dread, but with Guardian, you have the opportunity to share space (and share cost) with someone else who may be moving close to you.

We apply the same level of safety and security for each and every move, so you know your goods are in the best of hands when it comes to shipping them across into Europe. This service is even more helpful if you have flexibility in your delivery date, and can give you a substantial cost saving against our dedicated service.

Having operated in Europe for over 20 years, we have a full understating on the transportation and paperwork requirements to ensure a smooth transition to your new home in your new country. We’re up to date on all new regulations that are in place thanks to Brexit, and are able to carry out all required paperwork relating to that and COVID.

All in all, we’re extremely passionate about the fantastic service we provide, and we’re dedicated to our customers. We go that extra mile, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, and we provide a moving service for you that takes away the hassle and gets all of your worldly possessions on the move safely and securely. We’re the best of the best and from our Edinburgh head office, we can move your possessions, whether it’s an office move or home move to Europe, the UK, or anywhere in the world.

Single items

No move is too small for our team, so we can transport single items internationally to ensure they have a safe journey. You might think it is too small to get in touch with an operation as advanced and reputable as ours, but if you want anything moving across the world, we’re your best bet to get it done safely and securely.

Full container consignments

Now, onto the big stuff. If you’re planning a new life overseas or a new opportunity has risen in another country, chances are you’ll have a container full of items that you need to be moved. This can be from your home of if you own a business, from your business operations. Whatever it may be, our team is ready and on hand to assist in any way imaginable. Our experts specialise in providing a safe and efficient international removals service that ensures the security and protection of all of your items, from the beginning of the journey to the very end.

European full or part load moves to all European destinations

Flexibility and high quality international removals are at the heart of each and every move we carry out, and no matter your requirement, we can help. The majority of customers that we work with are looking to have their items moved to all European destinations, so we are very experienced carrying this kind of journey out. But remember, no distance is too far for our team and we can accommodate moving any and all of your possessions to Europe and further afield, across the world.

Assistance with documentation and customs regulations

We understand that moving items internationally can be a daunting experience, and a difficult one to wrap your head around if you’re completely new to the process, which most people are.

This is why we aim to provide a complete service for our customers from the heavy lifting of physical items to the burden and headache that can come with documentation and customs regulations surrounding international removals.

A key part of our all-encompassing international removals service therefore involves assisting our customers with all documentation and customs regulations. This fully ensures that their items get abroad safely and in accordance with all regulations, so you aren’t caught out by any nasty surprises down the line.

You can trust our experts at Guardian Removals, and international removals are part and parcel of our operations. We carry out regular trips to most European destinations as well as further afield, so we know what we’re talking about. It also means that we have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to move you and your belongings around the world safely and efficiently.

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