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El Al Airlines Special Assistance Wheelchair: How to Get the Help You Need

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When you’re traveling long distances, it can be difficult to get around if you or your family members are wheelchair-bound or have other mobility issues. Fortunately, El Al Airlines Tickets makes it easy to get from point A to point B while keeping you and your loved ones safe, healthy, and comfortable. Whether you’re using the airline regularly or only during special occasions, here’s what you need to know about getting help on your next flight with El Al Airlines and their special assistance wheelchair service.

Requesting special assistance

El Al Flights is one of many airlines that offers special assistance services for passengers with disabilities. In addition to a number of other provisions, they provide wheelchairs upon request at no extra charge. Passengers needing assistance must submit a request online prior to El Al Booking their flights and make any necessary arrangements with El Al once tickets have been purchased. Those who qualify for wheelchair assistance will also need someone else traveling with them or nearby at all times during their trip in order to assist them in El Al Boarding Pass and exiting vehicles. Once an airplane has landed, you may be required to transfer directly from your seat into a separate vehicle for transport back home. Make sure that you can find someone willing and able to help you before making your El Al Airlines Reservation or booking your tickets.

We Have Your Seat Ready

At El Al Reservations, it is our goal to ensure that all of our El Al Customers Services are comfortable and satisfied throughout their flight. If you require any special assistance or accommodations for your El Al flight, including wheelchair-accessible seating, special meals or headsets, please call us El Al Customer Services Number at +1-888-801-0869 up to 48 hours before departure. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day and can provide you with as much assistance as you need. We will do everything possible to help make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible. If El Al Customer Services contacts us within 48 hours of his/her flight’s departure time, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate him/her with any special assistance during his/her flight.

Getting Through Security

Before you can get through security, you need a wheelchair. Once you have your wheelchair, you can board an El Al flight. For special assistance, book at least 48 hours in advance. When Booking El Al for your flight, call El Al’s call center (not available on weekends or holidays) and explain that you need a wheelchair for yourself or someone accompanying you during your flight. If there is no one accompanying you, then also request help getting up and down from your seat—at least once on each leg of your trip. All travelers require government-issued IDs (like passports) upon El Al Check-In and security clearance; if someone else is assisting with mobility needs while flying, they will also need identification but not their own El Al Boarding Pass.

When To Arrive At The Airport

Airport security and customs are stressful enough. Don’t make it worse by not having everything you need packed and ready to go at least an hour before your flight departs. On a tight schedule? Give yourself even more time, as long as it won’t cost you extra money or get you in trouble with a tight connection. If you’re traveling for business, on average, airlines recommend arriving two hours before your flight takes off if possible, although El Al Check-In times vary depending on specific flights and airports.

Understanding Our El Al Customer Service

El Al is committed to serving people with disabilities and will do its best to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Our staff, who are trained in assisting special needs passengers, can offer you wheelchairs, wheel chair assistance, motorized scooters and seat belts upon request. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for help; our staff will be happy to help you get settled into your seat safely and comfortably. Depending on which route you are flying on El Al, we may not have a lot of space for storing items used by passengers with special needs. As such, we recommend that you carry a small suitcase which contains everything you may need during your flight.

Serving Passengers with Disabilities

One of El Al’s core values is that we will provide special assistance and assistance animals free of charge to those who require it. This includes, among other things, wheelchairs for reduced mobility. El Al Customer Serves hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities annually and operates nine aircraft with wheelchair lifts installed. Each lift can be operated by one crew member (the Pilot in Command or a member of his crew). In addition, El Al’s fleet is outfitted with a number of special seats and amenities designed for passengers in need of extra assistance. Most importantly, El Al has a dedicated Disabled Persons Advisory Council composed primarily of Israeli citizens who are themselves disabled as well as additional committees that deal with every facet related to passengers with disabilities on board our flights.

El Al’s Commitment to Passengers with Disabilities

While El Al’s passengers with disabilities are a small percentage of its annual travelers, their needs are of extreme importance. El Al has made great strides in providing special assistance wheelchairs for those who need them. The airline is constantly working on ways to improve accessibility at all airports it flies into and out of. The airline is also committed to training all employees on how best to help passengers with disabilities and provide any additional services they may require while flying. El Al works closely with organizations that advocate for people with disabilities and ensures that these organizations receive full cooperation from airport staff when dealing with an individual passenger who requires assistance. El Al Flights prides itself on being accessible, friendly and accommodating towards individuals who have physical limitations or mental challenges that make traveling difficult or impossible without help from others. In fact, there are many airlines that have not made nearly as much progress as El Al in making air travel accessible to people who have trouble moving around freely due to physical or mental issues.

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