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Enjoy exclusive rewards on credit card bill payments

Using your credit card to book vacations and buy plane tickets can help you earn a lot of credit card reward points, which you can use to get cashback, discounts, or to buy gadgets and other things from your issuer’s rewards program. Depending on the credit card you use, you may be able to receive points on large purchases. In fact, every transaction you make with the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard earns you points.

Credit card bill payment and rewards

Now, you can earn points simply by using credit card bill payment system. Are you curious as to how? Take a look at the following payment methods to see how you can get great rewards, savings, and other benefits.

Using the PhonePe app, you can make a payment.

PhonePe, one of India’s most popular payment apps, has lately launched a tempting cashback offer. According to the terms of the promotion, you can use this app to pay your credit card account in exchange for a scratch card. You can earn up to Rs.1,000 in cash back with a minimum transaction of Rs.500. Based on your purchases and usage, the app extends a variety of extra appealing offers. By using this app for bill payments on a regular basis, you can increase your chances of receiving rewarded credit card payment offers.

Use the Paytm app to make a payment.

Paytm features a dedicated cashback section, which you can activate on your app to begin getting weekly, daily, or monthly discounts for a variety of transactions. Paytm normally demands you to do many transactions of the same kind on a regular basis in order to obtain a reward. To qualify for the current deal, you must pay 5 consecutive credit card bills totaling Rs.3,000 in order to receive a reward. These offers change on a regular basis and will also change according to on your consumption. Keep a lookout for these credit card payment offers in your alerts, and use Paytm to pay your bills to get extra points.

Use CRED as a method of payment.

CRED is a fantastic software that rewards you with gift cards, rebates, and discounts for paying your credit card bills using it. When it comes to paying your credit card, this variety of incentives allows you to accomplish a lot more. For example, when you pay bills on CRED with a partner bank’s debit card, you can obtain complimentary cinema tickets. CRED offers a variety of appealing rewards; all you have to do is look through them to see which ones fit you best, and then use them to pay your credit card bills!

For credit card payment offers, use a debit card or a bank account.

You can also earn incentives by using the traditional method of payment. To earn reward points, pay your credit card bills with your debit card or savings account. You can earn points for net banking and debit transactions with some debit cards or savings accounts. Use such a card or account to pay your credit card bills if you have one. The reward points you earn per transaction in this situation, which are classified as utility bill payments, might be rather substantial.

Exciting credit card offers

Various Credit Card Offers for Indian Citizens take advantage of a variety of attractive offers and discounts from card issuers in many lifestyle categories.

Lifestyle, shopping, dining, travel, entertainment, internet shopping, health, and wellness are some of the common categories in which banks offer varied deals.

Let’s take a look at the most recent deals from India’s top credit card companies.

Best credit card offers in India 2022

Offer Valid On Expiring on
Get 15% instant discount on dining SBI Credit Cards Till 31 January 2022
Enjoy flat 15% discount on all the health tests at Healthians Axis Bank Credit Cards 18 June 2022
10% off on Sports Merchandise from Fancode Axis Bank Credit Cards 24 June 2022
15% off at Sky Garden Citibank Credit Cards 30 November 2021


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