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Everything Motorcar Owners Should Know Regarding a Tyre

Different Aspects of the Tyre

Let’s have a close view of different pieces that come together to create a tyre.

The tyre casing

The casing of a tyre variant helps most of the items apart from the steel belts as well as the treads. Also, the tyre’s casing holds the plies, beads, and sidewalls along with the inner liner.


As the name signifies, the sidewall makes up the sides of a tyre. Furthermore, the tyre’s sidewall begins from the tread to the rim bead. Moreover, the tyre’s sidewalls even hold certain tyre markings that help car owners check the dimension, load index, width and other features of Tyres Leicester


The tyre’s tread is liable for promoting the best connection with the surface. Also, the tread holds the grooves along with the sipes that are needed to enhance overall grip while manoeuvring.

Different Styles of Tyre Variants You Can Obtain

Summer Variants:

These variants promote the best ride in hot weather situations and are famous for facilitating the finest traction on dry or wet surfaces. Also, summer variants come with clever tread patterns along with the best resistance against hydroplaning. Furthermore, summer tyre variants are flawless for motorcar owners trying to obtain the most satisfactory driving performance when the temperature goes above 7 degrees celsius. 

Winter Variants:

Fitting winter variants is vital to obtain improved performance along with safety if manoeuvring on winter roads with snow or ice. Also, these variants utilise advanced silica material along with flexible compounds that promote better elasticity in temperatures under 7 degrees celsius. Thus, winter variants are less likely to obtain damage plus last much longer during the coldest months. Furthermore, winter variants come equipped with a robust tread design along with clever sipes to promote a higher grip on snow-covered tracks. 

All-season Variants:

These variants are a flawless mixture of summer plus winter tyre variants and are outstanding for motorcar owners looking for reliable, all year round performance. Furthermore, the middle tread of all-season variants lets the motorcar owner drive perfectly in average weather conditions. 

Performance Variants:

These tyre variants promote the best traction along with road traction even when the motorcar is running at fast speeds. Furthermore, performance variants are ideal for motorcar owners looking to obtain race track stability, handling and braking on urban city roads. Also, fitting these variants will help improve stopping distance, cornering performance plus handling. 

4×4 Variants:

H/T, A/T as well as M/T are the three kinds of 4×4 variants made to promote a superior on along with the off-road ride. Furthermore, the H/T, as well as M/T, facilitates the best ride on the highway or muddy terrains. Lastly, the A/T variants are a combination of the first two-plus and promote reliable performance on both kinds of roads.

What Are Markings on a Tyre?

Tyre markings contain a code to help motorcar owners or technicians find the best tyres based on the vehicle they drive.

If a tyre variant comes with this sidewall marking: 190: 60: R: 16

  1. 190: The starting 3 numbers refer to the width of the sidewall of specific tyres in mm.
  2. 60: The next two numbers represent the aspect ratio of the tyre.
  3. R: The first letter from the right on the tyre marking demonstrates the type of construction. The alphabets R, B as well as D refer to radial, Bias, as well as Diagonal construction.
  4. 16: The size of the inner diameter of the tyre is marked at the end.

Other Marks On the Sidewall That Are Important

  • Load Index: This index decides the max amount of weight a tyre can carry when driving at the highest acceptable speed. 
  • Speed Rating: This index rating exhibits the max speed you can drive the tyre. Also, always buy a tyre with a speed index similar to your top speed.
  • Utmost Inflation Pressure: This criterion indicates the utmost air pressure a tyre can bear. 
  • Treadwear Number: These digits inform an estimate of how far it can take for the tyre’s tread to wear off. 
  • Traction Grade: Most Tyres nowadays have separate ratings which are commonly known as the AA, A, B or C. Furthermore, these ratings depend on the traction a specific tyre makes while driving on wet streets. 
  • Temperature Grade: This tyre grade displays how high temperature a tyre can endure. 
  • The Year of Manufacture: Lastly, the DOT code of the tyre indicates when or where a tyre was created. 

Top Tyre Brands

  1. Yokohama Tyres
  2. Maxxis Tyres Leicester
  3. Continental Tyres 
  4. Bridgestone Tyres
  5. Hankook Tyres
  6. Pirelli Tyres
  7. Michelin Tyres

Call a trusted garage today if you want to find out more about tyres or want to clear any additional doubts.

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