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Expand Your Business’s Presence with A Value-added Discord Marketing Services

Discord Marketing Services

Discord originally started as a game-specific communication platform, allowing ardent gamers to communicate and engage with each other. The company had mentioned the same on their website (as well). Do you wish for a prologue on Discord? It is nothing but a social media platform launched in 2015. Stan Vishevsky and Jason Citron are the founders/developers of this platform, focusing on community.

If you’re an existing business owner or wanna-be entrepreneur, this blog will instill the significance of Discord marketing services in you and your business.

Discord For Marketing: How & Why?

Discord’s chat application is the current favorite for live-streamers and gamers as it supports voice chat, text messaging, and video calling features. All Android and iOS devices and all major gaming platforms such as Mac, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation may use the Discord app.

You have the opportunity to turn your target users into super fans and advocates of your business when you communicate with them in a fun and relevant way. They’ll help you spread the word about your venture and generate brand awareness and loyalty, which will help you sell it once it’s released. 

Another highlight of Discord for marketing is that business owners (like you ) can constantly communicate with the target audience. You can post regular posts, updates, send GIFs. While you post something, the Discord algorithm sends immediate notifications to the community. It bestows real-time customer support and a positive customer experience. 

6 Ways You Can Use Discord for Publicizing Your Business

Discord marketing can enhance your business game to the next level with easy access to the target market. These Discord marketing services make the most of the greatest communication software for developers and gamers alike.

  • Creating Your Business-specific Server

Discord sets itself apart from the competition by allowing users to build and host their own servers for free. These servers allow users to communicate and can be public or private, meaning that private Discord servers are only accessible to those who have been properly invited.

Public servers are a good option for promoting your company if your company is well-known or if you want to build brand awareness and request community feedback. However, if you have a small group, you may wish to consider hosting private servers.

  • Setting Up A Channel

Building a voice and text channel (on your server) can initiate business-specific conversations among the audience. Because of its flexibility and unlimited categorization, Discord is a wonderful choice for marketers. It allows them to set up servers with multiple channels for fans and potential leads to discuss all aspects of a product. Although they serve very diverse purposes, Categories and Channels are inextricably linked. 

  • Start Sending Personalized Invites

Imagine you have a product/service to be publicized and a discord server/channel to fill; what’s the next step? It would be to inform the target market about your business’s existence on Discord. 

The first and obvious step of Discord promotion services would be to fill your social media handles with discord’s presence. Customizing a discord invite helps you target people (who you want to invite). 

  • Using Discord Bot for the Better

There are a variety of bots to choose from, each with its unique set of features. Discord bots may automate everything from moderating chat channels to handling server settings in Discord. Discord lacks some enterprise features as it wasn’t designed for business. However, users can add Discord bots to their server, enabling new Discord features for businesses.

I plan to write a blog post enlisting business-specific bots that drive Discord marketing services. In the meantime, you can refer to this article to perceive the five best discord bots for marketing. 

  • Enrolling in The Discord Partner Program

The Discord partner program bestows businesses with unique branding, enhanced discovery, and more such partner-only perks. Also, with better bitrate, you can relish better voice talks (with clarity) during aks-me-anything (AMA) sessions. 

Another advantage of Discord is that it allows users to rapidly host video conversations with their peers or generate leads by reaching out to other users on public servers. As a marketer, you may send (convertible) friend requests and invite them to join your private server, where they may learn about your product for free if the server owners allow it.

  • Integrating Across the Platforms

You may connect your Discord account to other sites like Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter via Discord integrations. This enables you to inform your Discord buddies about your actions on various services. If you’re streaming on Twitch, for example, you may send your Discord pals a link to your stream so they can watch it live.

In A Nutshell

Discord has already become the go-to marketing tool for businesses and marketers, with this report indicating that 895 companies are using it (for various reasons). Let me index a disclaimer – not every business or industry needs to use discord (for marketing). Ensure the viability of Discord for your business before approaching a Discord marketing agency.

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