Kaye LabWatch IoT – Cloud Environmental Monitoring is a complete cloud-based solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring system that detect alarms and alerts personnel.

The LabWatch® IoT Cloud-based environmental and facility monitoring system is a complete solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring applications. LabWatch IoT connects to your sites through secure VPN, detects alarm conditions and alerts personnel wherever they are, documents any number of chambers without generating stacks of paper, protects data with secure Cloud storage, and lets you access data easily for analysis.

With the LabWatch IoT system, current alarm status and sensor values can easily be retrieved by using any internet browser or smart phone. Simply log into the secure Cloud service, using your own companies’ linked user name and password, together with Multi Factor Authentication pass codes, and the LabWatch IoT facility monitoring system will give all monitored area information – conveniently displayed either for browser, or mobile phone Application.

The LabWatch IoT Cloud environmental and facility monitoring system provides the flexibility to generate reports automatically and on demand. By maintaining a secure archive of monitored values from your chambers, the system can readily provide the information you need for internal and regulatory-required documentation.

LabWatch IoT is now available with the Kaye Netpac II and the Kaye RF ValProbe data-collection system for both real-time wired and wireless monitoring. Both style of these facility monitoring systems collect various environmental parameters, but primarily temperature and humidity information and securely transmit them to the Labwatch IoT Cloud system.


Complete Cloud Solution

Integrating high quality sensors, latest wireless and wired technologies for communication and networking abilities into an easy-to-use browser Information Management Solution, LabWatch IoT combines precise facility monitoring with effective alarming, hassle-free reporting, and secure data Cloud archiving and performance. LabWatch IoT detects system excursions and can alarm personnel wherever they are. It can document any number of chambers without generating stacks of paper, protect data with secure storage, create an audit trail of alarms and actions taken by the facility monitoring system and system operators and provides ready access to historical data.

Using AWS GxP services, LabWatch IoT is the next generation of environmental and facility monitoring!  No expensive Servers, no specific operating systems, no need for IT support – Kaye LabWatch IoT has now gone to the Cloud.

Regulatory compliance

The extensive new reporting capabilities of the LabWatch IoT system allow you to generate reports in compliance with FDA, GMP/GLP, AABB, JCAHO, AAALAC and other regulatory bodies. By maintaining a secure archive of monitored values from your sensors, alarms and system access, the facility monitoring system can readily provide the information you need for internal analysis and regulatory required documentation.

Scalability & Flexibility

Whether you are looking for monitoring 5 points for a single room,  or 500+ inputs,on a system spread globally, LabWatch IoT provides the building blocks to meet your specific needs. LabWatch IoT provides the flexibility for you to build up your own system or get a turnkey end to end solution from Kaye Instruments.

Monitor, Alarm, Secure, Report, Access, Visibility

With sophisticated facility monitoring and reporting features, LabWatch IoT proves to be an effective turnkey solution for your laboratory, warehouse and stability monitoring needs. The system provides a cost effective way to view and collect real time data for regulatory compliant monitoring of your valuable inventory. Critical environmental information is provided to assure that your equipment is operating within defined parameters, thereby protecting your assets and providing a ready trail of compliance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Operates in compliance with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 on Electronic Signatures and Records.
  • Creates an audit trail of alarms and actions taken by the facility monitoring system and the people who log onto the system.
  • Provides a complete history of alarms and data in one central location, automatically.
  • Protects your time by avoiding nuisance alarms and guards your product investment by providing reliable alarm detection.
  • Notifies an unlimited number of people to handle specific alarm conditions with a variety of notification methods: mobile APP, email, SMS and audio alarms.
  • Lets you retrieve data easily for viewing, reporting, analysis, and regulatory inspection.
  • Provides tools to review historical data and create the customized reports to suit management or client requirements.
  • Provides secure data storage via AWS GxP storage to prevent tampering.
  • Does not require any specific OS – uses industry standard browsers to access the monitoring system.
  • Unlimited amount of concurrent users can access the facility monitoring system

Wired/Wireless Distributed Measurement Hardware

  • Redundant Data Storage – Loggers, Base stations, Netpac II
  • Remote Access – any standard web browser
  • Ease of Use Alarm Notification – mobile APP, Email, SMS
  • Reporting Features
  • Services – Specification development, Installation, IQ/OQ protocol development/execution, Training, Calibration Services, Technical Support

Robust & Scalable System Architecture

The Kaye LabWatch IoT system is built as an AWS GxP Model encompassing intelligence and redundancy at multiple levels in the system. Each of the elements in the architecture are robust, complete & independent sub systems. At the primary input of the system lie the extremely accurate calibrated sensor modules  temperature/humidity/CO2/Pressure/etc.). These sensor elements feed into the RF Valprobe data loggers or the Netpac modules. The battery operated RF Loggers store and forward the real time data from the sensor elements at programmed interval to the RF Base Stations. Up to 30000 samples can be stored on these loggers and can be retrieved in case of a power failure on the base stations or RF transmission issues.

The loggers communicate data real time via a robust and reliable 2.4 GHz RF (Radio Frequency) Wireless network interconnected via the SmartMesh technology to the base stations. The RF base stations have the ability to connect to up to 100 loggers and 8 such base stations can be connected to a LabWatch IoT system via an Ethernet network or USB. The RF Base stations provide the second level of redundancy in case of a Network or Server failures and can store 30000 samples from each of the 100 loggers. The RF Base stations communicate to the LabWatch IoT Cloud Server via the industry standard OPC/UA Server.

The LabWatch IoT facility monitoring system can be a Wireless or a Wired System. The system architecture supports a Hybrid system with Wired and Wireless inputs based on the customer application or to add new Wired or Wireless points to an existing Wired/Wireless networks. In a Wired System the sensor modules are physically wired to a Netpac module. The Netpac modules are connected to the LabWatch IoT system through an Ethernet or RS485 connectivity. The Netpac modules communicate to the Server via a Netpac OPC/UA Driver loaded as part of the LabWatch System.

LabWatch IoT is a complete facility monitoring application residing on the LabWatch AWS GxP Server, using only a local workstation to apply a VPN connection for the necessary security for data transmission. All the data from the sensor modules, application configuration information, audit trail, security information is stored on the LabWatch IoT Server. User can access the LabWatch system remotely via any web browser, from any PC or mobile platform.