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Find the Balance Between Form and C++ Function

C++ Function

A form C++ Function always follows a function. This is the idea of ​​architect Louis Henry Sullivan, meaning that the two are complementary and inseparable. The ideas presented by architects can also be applied to all types of designs such as industrial, print, web, or product.

Most designers don’t know this fact, to be honest, we’ve seen a lot of designs. And many of them have no form or function. It’s a blatant fact that even the websites of those luxury companies tend to have the same fault as other websites. I can speak clearly But having to know why they fail can be fixed.

Most large corporate websites are feature-rich because they are well-informed. But the problem is that it’s poorly formed. On the other hand, small personal websites are usually flashy—with biographies, galleries, portfolios, and stories, but without functionality. These types of sites don’t care much about their marketing abilities. Because most of them do not do marketing.

The general rule is that without a function, there is no form. And without form, there is no function. The key is balance. The perfect C++ Function balance between form and function is the catalyst for concept excellence. The function must be understood before the form can be developed.

Discovering this feature is not easy. Many websites are still lacking in purpose and functionality. know your market Know your products and services and how you will work so that you can develop your skillset.

in the table, the setting tries to feel the site Consider the functions, organization, expectations, and structure of the table. You can then create a valid table of tables. What colors can complement a website? Does it require a lot of graphics or text? Can you navigate smoothly? To know the answer to this question You will know what type of form to use.

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