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Flirt on Instagram: 7 Tips to Succeed on the App


If we learned something during 2020, it is the importance that the digital world has acquired in each of the aspects of our lives. Our work, family relationships, friendships, and, of course, love. And we’re not just talking about Tinder or other dating apps, but about an even more everyday option: Flirting on Instagram. That is why we have put together some tips to help you succeed in the application.

Every day millions of users enter the platform to see photographs of the people they follow and a large percentage are even encouraged to publish their best photograph, so it is very likely that your next appointment is sliding on their Instagram feed at this precise moment. With this sea of ​​publications every day, it can be difficult to stand out and attract the attention of the people you like, so the first tip is quite simple: increase your likes on Instagram, because the more likes your publications have, the more likely it is. make them stand out to other users.

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In addition to this, we want to share with you the secret behind the success of many Instagram influencers and brands: Buy likes. Take a look at these tips for gaining followers and follow these tips to make your profile even more attractive:

1. Pay attention to the Stories!

We must not be fooled by the expiration of the stories, because although they last only 24 hours, they are one of the tools that give more opportunities within the platform, so it is vital to know how to use the stories. It is precisely this expiration that makes your followers dare to react. Post a story with a selfie or a spontaneous video that may be interesting for your followers, who know, maybe this can be the first step to flirt on Instagram and meet that special someone.

In addition to publishing stories, it is also important that you pay attention to those published by the accounts that catch your attention. As we said, these are a spontaneous way of showing us, so reacting to that person’s crush’s story can be a good way to break the ice.

2. Don’t neglect your biography

There is no better way to tell your followers who you are and what they can expect by following you than to work on a good bio. Your bio should be short and attractive, and it should have information that may be interesting to your followers and representative of who you are. Remember that this is the first thing users see before deciding whether or not to follow you.

A compelling personal bio usually includes where you live, work, study, or taste. You can even add a funny phrase or something that reflects your personality.

3. NO to private profiles

It can be overwhelming to know that there are thousands of users who may be able to view your profile without you knowing, which is why many users have been encouraged to keep their accounts private. However, if you want people to notice your account and your posts, it’s a good idea to keep your profile public. In this way, your publications will be visible to many more people and you will have more opportunities to link on Instagram.

4. Post frequently

Maintaining an Instagram posting frequency can be challenging, but getting your profile active is crucial. We are not talking about making one or more posts a day, but about making frequent posts in which you show your followers what you’ve been up to and your interests.

Try to post at least once a week and that your photos and videos are not just selfies. Photographs about your interests, travels, meetings with friends are an excellent alternative to show yourself on Instagram in a favorable light. Other than Instagram, now you can also buy Instagram Followers from SuperViral.ca.

5. Interact on “old” posts

See it this way. When you post a photo, you will receive likes because it appears in your followers’ feed automatically, but what happens if you start receiving likes on a photo from a few weeks ago?

You will surely notice more likes in publications that are no longer active, so in the language of links on Instagram, this can be interpreted as a way to attract attention; So instead of liking a recent photo, you may need to go down a bit further on the feed to make you’re like draw even more attention.

6. Don’t be afraid to leave comments

Likes are an excellent form of interaction, but they certainly don’t say much, especially if we look at it from a dating point of view. After a person catches your attention on Instagram, they both follow each other and have left some likes, it is time to take the next step: comment.

Try to be witty and leave comments that, while respectful, allow you to show your sense of humor. This will make the person in question start to have some confidence in you to start a conversation.

7. Take care of the way you show yourself on Instagram

Here we must touch on several points because although the photographs that we publish must be favorable, there are other things that you must take into account. You must be demanding with your photographs and choose only those that, although they are natural, are also attractive to other users. At the end of the day, the important thing is to take good photos for Instagram and stand out.

In the same way, it is also important that you take care of your interactions with other profiles because they can be seen by people who interest you.

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