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Hero Glamour vs. SP 125: Ultimate 125cc Motorcycle Showdown

Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour vs. SP 125: The Ultimate 125cc Motorcycle Showdown, If you’re in the market for a powerful, lightweight and compact 125cc motorcycle that’s suitable for short commutes and weekend getaways, you’ve likely come across two of the most popular options on the market – the Honda SP 125 and the Glamour Xtec 125cc motorbikes.

What makes these two bikes stand out against each other? Here’s an in-depth comparison of their features, specs, and performance capabilities to help you choose which one is right for your needs and preferences.

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Which one looks better?


Hero Glamour


Honda’s new-for-2021 Honda SP 125 is the latest and greatest in the company’s line of sporty, super-fun entry level motorcycles.

And it’s really tough to beat the power, comfort, and quality of Honda’s larger models like the Honda CBR 500R or the Honda CB500X that are around 5 lakhs+.

But if you’re looking for an awesome starter bike that won’t break your budget and still packs a punch (literally) then look no further than the Glamour Xtec 125. With a price tag under 84,000/-.

this bike has a lot to offer for its price point. It’s got a fast 7500 rpm engine with high torque – so you’ll have plenty of power for city streets, country roads, and more!

What sets the Xtec apart from most bikes on the market? It comes with front suspension as standard equipment which helps make those rough city streets not so rough on your backside. It also includes Drum brakes as standard equipment which will give you peace of mind when riding in less-than-ideal conditions.

Overall it’s got excellent safety features and is priced very competitively while coming with lots of performance to boot! You’ll be able to take over curvy roads without any problem at all on this machine thanks to its impressive handling abilities! Plus it looks absolutely incredible – so much better than most other motorcycle competitors out there today!


Performance Checklist

*How does the bike handle?

*What are the pros and cons of each bike? *How do they perform in different settings? *Which one is more affordable? *Which one has better resale value?

*Does it have a strong brand history or track record of quality? *What kind of warranty is offered, if any, and how long is it for?

*Do you prefer a motorcycle with a more classic look or something sleeker and sportier-looking?

*Do you want to customize your motorcycle’s features or keep them as standard as possible on purchase day? *Which style of motorcycle appeals to you most (cruiser, dirt bike, etc.)?

*Does having ABS (antilock braking system) matter to you? If so, which is the best option?

*Are you interested in doing some off-road riding occasionally, or will this be strictly an urban ride?

Feature of Hero Glamour Xtec


  • Speedometer -Digital
  • Tachometer-No
  • Tripmeter-Digital
  • Electric Start-Electric Start
  • Pillion seat-Yes
  • Stand warning/indicator (Stand Alarm)  -Yes
  • Engine kill switch (Killswitch)-No
  • Clock-Yes
  • Headlight type-LED Head Lamp
  • Tail light type (Brake/Tail Light)-LED Tail Lamp
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)-null
  • Traction Control-null
  • Alloy wheels-Alloy
  • Handle type-null
  • Pass Light-Yes



Price Comparison

The Honda SP 125 has a starting price of 81,000/-, while the Glamour Xtec has a starting price of 84,000/-. This is just the beginning of the price difference between these two bikes as additional features can cause some prices to go up or down depending on what you are looking for.

The Honda SP comes with a fuel tank that holds 11 liters of petrol whereas the Glamour Xtec only comes with 10 liters of petrol tank;

this means that the Honda SP can go farther and faster before needing to refuel. The Honda SP comes equipped with four-stroke engine where the Glamour Xtec uses a 124cc, four-stroke engine.

Four stroke engines require more maintenance than four stroke engines do because they need constant oil changes and inspections, but produce more power which makes them ideal for racing or riding off-road.

Both motorcycles come standard with LED headlights so riders can see in the dark without difficulty, but the Glamour Xtec also has LED rear lights so other drivers will be able to see you better when coming up from behind at night.


Fuel Economy

Both the Hero Glamour Xtec and the Honda SP 125 offer fuel-efficient engines, with a range of over 60 kilometers on a single tank. The Honda has a slight advantage because it is possible to ride at speeds of up to 120 km/h, while the Hero tops out at 112km/h. That 8km/h difference can make all the difference in tight urban spaces or when there are speed limits in place.

Both motorcycles have also been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible – both are fitted with good windscreens, which keep air resistance down and allow for better handling at high speeds.

Weighing only 122. kgs, the Hero offers a more nimble and agile ride than the slightly heavier 117 kg Honda. The Honda’s lighter weight means that it does not require an expensive anti-lock braking system (ABS) for safety purposes -. Both bikes come standard with an manual transmission gear.


Maintenance Requirements

The Glamour Xtec will require a routine maintenance every 800 miles or six months, whichever comes first. It is recommended that the oil be changed at least once a year or every 10,000 miles. Further protection can be given with an air filter replacement every 20 hours or 200 miles, whichever comes first.

The Honda SP 125 needs routine maintenance done every 1000 kms or four months, whichever comes longest and this should involve changing the oil and checking for any leaks as well as replacing the air filter if necessary.


Which bike would you choose?

Glamour Xtec and Honda SP are two of the most popular 125cc motorcycles on the market. They have a lot in common, but one is better than the other in certain areas. Let’s compare them side-by-side to help you choose which one is right for you!

So, which bike should you choose? You’ll want to consider factors such as price, features, and performance before making a decision. But don’t worry – we’ll give you some help with that! We’ve outlined all the details of both bikes below so that you can compare them objectively and make an informed decision about which motorcycle best fits your needs.


Final Thoughts

Many people will be deciding between the Glamour and the Honda SP as their next motorcycle purchase, but which is better?

It all depends on your needs. These two bikes are very different and both offer a lot to suit different needs of riders. Ultimately, it comes down to preference and what you want out of a motorcycle, so make sure you think about what you want in a bike before deciding which one is right for you! -Xtec is great for beginners with their first street bike and offers good power with little maintenance.

They also have a large range of models including more classic cruisers, cafe racers, and off-road motorcycles. -The Honda SP has an impressive performance record due to its lightweight body that provides quick acceleration and easy handling in various conditions. They also provide excellent fuel economy which makes them ideal for daily commuting and riding around town with ease!

-Choosing either one will not be a mistake; they’re both great motorcycles that perform well under various conditions so it’s just up to your personal preferences on what type of bike you want to ride!

Many people are deciding between these two motorcycles as their next purchase, but which is best for them? It all depends on what you need out of your motorcycle, and each is made for different types of riders.

Glamour Xtec provides power with ease and at a reasonable price, while Honda’s lightweight design allows quick acceleration in tight spaces and easy handling in town or country.

If you know exactly what kind of bike you want, go for it! If not, there are plenty more options available out there – so get out there and explore! There are many other options when it comes to motorbikes, no matter what type you’re looking for. Get out there and find your perfect match!


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