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Hiring an Executive Chef: Some Points to Consider

executive chef dubai
executive chef dubai

Are you planning to open a restaurant in Dubai? Well then, the first thing you need to do is search for some of the best executive chefs in Dubai who will help you take your restaurant to the next level. 

Hiring an executive chef in Dubai is not an easy task for three obvious reasons.

Firstly, Dubai is a place where people from all over the world come to travel. It’s one of my favorite travel destinations. It is also home to many reputed universities because of which students from all over the globe come to Dubai every year to pursue higher education. So, when it comes to cuisine there are a variety of foods popular in Dubai. Restaurants in Dubai readily serve all sorts of dishes from Indian to western to continental to quench the cravings of people staying in Dubai.

Secondly, Dubai is a place for sheiks so the food offered in restaurants is as per their desire. They are expensive and highly sophisticated. So the executive chefs you wish to hire for your restaurant in Dubai should be well accustomed to their styles and tastes. They should also be accustomed to the local language so that they can service their clients freely.

Finally, Dubai is a travel hub so people from all economic backgrounds come to travel in Dubai. So when it comes to cooking in restaurants the executive chefs of Dubai should not just cook food of different varieties but also act as a bridge of communication between the customers so that the customers visiting the restaurant can enjoy some of the executed cuisines.

Things to consider before hiring an executive chef in Dubai

The philosophy of the chef should match yours

Serving people in restaurants is not just about cooking dishes there is a philosophy behind serving people in restaurants. Your philosophy must match the philosophy of the chef you are hiring. For some cooking is just a job, for others it is passion. When selecting an executive chef for your restaurant in Dubai make sure your ideology matches your chef’s ideology. You can also check the internet for some of the best executive chefs in Dubai. You can get their contact details on Google and approach them for your restaurant. Conveniently ask if they are looking for a job change and brief them about your offer before you schedule an interview with them. It makes things easier at your end.

Verify the background of the chef

No matter what the person mentions in the resume one should make it a point to verify their background before hiring them. It is important because you’re hiring a stranger and it’s dealing with food. Any shortcoming at your end can ruin both the reputation of you and your restaurant.  This is precisely why a background check is a must before you employ someone to your restaurant. 

Test the leadership qualities of the chef

To find some of the best executive chefs in Dubai one needs to test the leadership qualities of the chef. It is important because managing a kitchen is all about teamwork and the executive chef is the leader of the kitchen. The person you choose for your kitchen should have excellent communication skills and should also have leadership qualities in him like critical thinking abilities and problem-solving abilities. Restaurants deal with customers of all sorts and the main objective of any good restaurant is to send home happy customers. Therefore, whoever you select for your restaurant should be friendly, polite, and at the same time tactful. 

Pick the most experienced chef for your kitchen in Dubai

No matter whom you select for your kitchen, rely on experience more than qualification. Yes, qualification is necessary to run a successful kitchen especially in places like Dubai but culinary business experience matters equally. Cooking is a matter of practice. You might find a person who is very good in theory but doesn’t hold much experience. It is best to test the practical knowledge of an executive chef along with their academic qualifications to ensure they are suitable for your restaurant. Experience does not just mean spending years in the kitchen cooking for customers it also includes dealing with customers. The more experienced your executive chef will be the easier it gets for your chef to tackle customers.

Clear their expectations and see if it suits your budget before bringing your executive chef on board

Budget matters when you choose a chef for your restaurant. When you are out there picking some of the best executive chefs in Dubai you need to make it a point to clear their expectations. Chefs in Dubai are in high demand therefore it’s best to maintain complete transparency when you are hiring someone for your restaurant. You need to place your demands in front of the chef and clear their expectations as well. It saves you from attrition.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, whenever you are hiring an executive chef in Dubai make sure you hire someone who is experienced, someone whose philosophy matches yours, and most importantly someone who suits your budget. You can take the help of placement agencies and social networks to find the right chef for your restaurant.


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