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House Painters North Shore: Hiring Professionals Vs Doing It Yourself (DIY)

Let’s face the facts, painting your exterior is one of the most difficult tasks you can do today. Most people often consider the task daunting and difficult, especially when it involves climbing up and additional work around the house.

There are two choices if you live in the North Shore, and you want to paint your house.

  1. Paint yourself
  2. Working with a professional paint company

Most homeowners prefer to hire professional painters for their house painting needs. This is mainly because they can guarantee a perfect result. Professional painters can help you avoid all the hassle and frustration of trying to paint your home yourself.

Although painting your North Shore home may seem rewarding, hiring professional house-painters on North Shore is a more rewarding experience.

Exterior Painting in Greenhithe and North Shore – Before

Here are some things you might need

  1. Extension pole
  2. The lint-free cloth
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Paint pot
  5. Fillers and Putty
  6. Roller Roller tray
  7. Sandpaper
  8. Tack rag
  9. Turps
  10. Brush cleaner
  11. Dust mask
  12. Gloves Masking tape
  13. Paint stripper
  14. Painter’s gloves
  15. Pole sander
  16. Putty knife Rags
  17. Hot Weather Additive
  18. Interior Paintwork Cleaner
  19. Moss & Mold Killer
  20. Prep Paint
  21. House Wash Scraper
  22. Steel wool
  23. Window scraper

It’s easy for anyone to slap on some paint’ with the increasing popularity of television shows that show how to do-it-yourself renovations and building.

A poor job on your house or investment can decrease its value and take months to sell.

A registered, skilled painter can save you time and money while achieving a timeless style.

Exterior Painting in Greenhithe and North Shore – Before

These are some tips to help choose the right painter.

At least three quotes should be provided. Ask each decorator and painter to give the same work description and request a formal estimate in writing.

  1. To be done preparation work
  2. Use of high-quality paint
  3. Timeframe estimated for completion
  4. A list of tasks that must be completed

You should also consider the exterior surfaces. You probably don’t know that not all exterior surfaces are the same. This makes it difficult to paint most exterior surfaces.

It is important to consider the climate in your home when deciding how many coats and what type of paint you should use.

The climate in North Shore Auckland is mainly temperate. The far north can experience subtropical weather in summer. South areas of the North Shore can get as cold as -2 C during winter. However, Auckland is close to the coast, which means that Auckland has mild temperatures, moderate rainfall and plenty of sunshine. Remember that paints can’t dry properly when temperatures drop to the 50s. Poor color uniformity is a common problem when painting in cold temperatures.

Professional painters on the North Shore won’t need to worry about this. They are familiar with the process and advise you on the best paint to use. Professional painters in the North Shore will have the experience and equipment to deal with any surface, whether tyrolean or roughcast.

The best way to ensure that you hire the best North Shore house painters is by

  1. Get a few recommendations and see their past projects/work.
  2. Ask about their industry experience and experience with different painting projects.
  3. Are you looking for house painter in north shore that will provide small jobs for the future?
  4. Before hiring someone, get a complete quote.

How many coats of paint and how much paint?

When considering interior painting, one of the most important things to consider is how many coats you will require. The number of coats you apply will determine how much paint you need.

You can also use an online calculator to determine the required amount of paint. 

Many variables affect the amount of paint needed. It is difficult to determine how much paint you will require. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Paint an interior wall the same color (or very similar) on the exterior. It is easy to change the color of a wall in your home. You will only need one coat of paint after properly washing the surface. To evenly coat the wall, use a brush or roller. After the paint has dried, your wall should look as good as new.
  2. Paint an interior wall with a new color. It depends on what color is being used and the original color’s color. Two coats are required to cover a bold or dark color. It is quite different to paint light over dark. This scenario may require six coats to achieve a smooth and even color.
  3. Use a primer. You can skip the need to paint light over dark coats by using a primer. Primers can be used to cover the wall cost-effectively and simply. They also make it easier to apply new paint to.

Painting over Drywall

A primer is required for painting over damaged drywall or new walls. The spackle used to smoothen the seams of new drywall is absorbent. Without a primer, painting will take several coats. This can be costly and time-consuming. Primer will give you a paintable surface, requiring only one to two coats.

Paint Quality

Another important aspect to consider is paint quality. Cheaper paint has less performing paint and will not perform as well as high-quality paint. Consider whether you’d prefer to buy high-quality paint with fewer coats or a more expensive paint that requires more coats.

There are now North Shore house painters who specialize in exterior painting. They will not do any work like gloss windows and doors or hanging wall paper. Instead, they will concentrate on the job at hand to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Now is the right time to hire professional painters. Superior Painters has been the go-to place for homeowners on the North Shore who need to paint all kinds of exterior walls.


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