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How can you tell a fake vape cartridge?

fake vape cartridge

Vaping CBD oil is a great way to get the benefits of CBD without having to smoke marijuana. One of the most common problems people have with vaping CBD is finding an authentic vape pen that counterfeiters can’t replicate. Read on for some helpful tips that will help you tell the difference between a fake vape cartridge and the real one.

Check for spelling errors or typos on the cartridge.

In most instances, fake vape cartridges have spelling mistakes on their bodies or packaging. However, If they are spelled correctly, check to ensure the cartridge doesn’t look like it has been scratched or tampered with. If you see any scratches, don’t buy that vape cartridge! It may be fake or used, which means there is no telling what was inside of it.

Always remain vigilant when purchasing CBD Vape Kit or Dab Pen cartridges! If you suspect something wrong with the cartridge, don’t hesitate to ask for a replacement. There are plenty of legitimate CBD vape oil companies out there that care about their customers. Such companies want them to have a fantastic experience using their CBD products.

Look at the logo – does it look like a sticker, or is it engraved into the metal/plastic of the cartridge.

Most authentic CBD vape cartridges have a logo printed on top of the metal or plastic. Vape cartridge with stickers is usually a fake vape cartridge but beware, not all of them. 

You can also tell if it’s not CBD by looking at where they get their oil from. An authentic vape cartridge should have its oil sourced from a place where there are quality standards for CBD products. Otherwise, you could be vaping CBD oils with things like lead or other contaminants in them – yuck! Nevertheless, if the manufacturer grows/extracts CBD and processes it into vape cartridges, you can trust that CBD is coming from a reliable place.

Inspect how deep and intricate your vape’s flavor is

You want to look for a CBD vape cartridge with a rich and complex flavor. This means that CBD oil is high quality. So, you can expect it to have the same effect on your body as well.

Examine if there are any visible holes in the cartomizer (the part that holds e-liquid)

If the dab pen cartridge doesn’t hold e-liquid or has visible holes in it, you can pretty much count on that cartridge being fake. Also, If there is no CBD oil inside the cartridges (e.g., they are empty). These most likely aren’t CBD oil vape cartridges.

Another way to determine if the cartridge is fake is by looking at how it attaches to your vape. Nowadays, most CBD vape cartridges are made with seamless technology. Consequently, if you see a noticeable seam around the battery and tank meetup (the atomizer), this likely isn’t a genuine CBD vape cartridge. 

Compare the cartridge to other cartridges on the market. 

Does the vape cartridge seem like an inferior product compared to others you’ve seen before? Is the cartridge made of high quality, thick glass-like many original vape cartridges?

Check if the vape cartridge is third party lab tested

One of the most prevalent features of an authentic vape cartridge is that an independent third-party lab tests it for purity and potency. Hence, the user knows they’re getting a CBD product tested and lives up to its quality. 

Additional tips

Hold up to the light and inspect for cracks in plastic around where juice enters the cartomizer. Also, check for discoloration of E-juice near the bottom of the cartomizer. Lastly, check whether or not any leaks are coming from the bottom of the cartomizer when pressing down on top with your hand.


Fake vape cartridges are out there, and it’s not always easy to tell them apart from the real thing. Some of these counterfeit products have been found to contain harmful substances that may even lead to death! If you want a safe product for your vaping needs, look for companies that offer testing information on their website. Also, ask about what they do when complaints arise. 

It might be worth investing in a vaporizer pen with parts that can’t easily break, so you don’t have to worry as much about counterfeit goods. In short, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Take care when purchasing any smoking or vaping accessory because counterfeits will only harm your health and wallet.

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