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How Covid-19 has affected bathroom design

There is no denying that the pandemic has drastically impacted and changed the entire world as we know it. Seemingly nothing was able to evade its grasp as every part of our society, lives, and many other parts, have changed from the bottom up. With that in mind, the Australian ability to adapt to about anything is unmatched. We soldier on and push against the tide.

With tweaks here and there, adaptation, and ingenuity, even something as a global pandemic can be solved and put under control. Our homes can become bastions and safe havens in such times. As hygiene becomes an important factor, we can consider our bathrooms as pivotal allies in the quest for personal health and disease repellant. Such a room was taken for granted in the past, but now they are front and center. Re-designing it or tweaking it in subtle ways can make all the difference.

1. White ceramic and porcelain

It may sound enticing to use wood and natural elements. These can bring that natural feel and look to your bathroom. From a design point that may seem like a good idea but from a medical standpoint it’s horrible in the long run. Wood, even treated, can be a health hazard in such an environment. Bathrooms are almost always moist, hot and damp places, as such, is their purpose by design. In such an environment, wood and wooden textures can easily rot, spoil and spread diseases.

That’s why it is important to replace everything with ceramics, as it is more durable, long-lasting, and, most importantly, stops the spread of germs. White or lighter tones can create a sense of cleanness and tidiness, which is perfect for any bathroom.

2. Tech advances health

Over the years, we have perfected the art of cleaning and taking care of ourselves. Bathroom accessories have come a long way in providing us with comfort and health security. Equipping your bathroom with the best gear out there will raise your security against a multitude of germs and diseases that are out there. There are plenty of items to pick and choose from out there as they can be perfectly implemented into your bathroom design.

While there is no need to break the bank and to go all out, it pays out to do a bit of research online. Google reviews can go a long way in picking out the optimal choice. The reviews are made by independent users, which means that you are getting first-hand word-of-mouth experience. Having something simple, like a professional and practical hand dryer, can help with having a better bathroom. Of course, you don’t need to stop there as you can strategically pick and place exactly those items that you need.

3. Plants are a good addition

While eliminating wood elements from the bathroom is a step in the right direction, it can lead to your bathroom becoming a bit empty, bland and lifeless. Plants are ideal in mitigating those effects as they can bring a dash of Mother Nature to the bathroom, without any risks involved. Plants do wonders for your mood, reduce stress levels, and eliminate air pollutants.

If you are concerned with having to take care of them with some special treatment or products, fret not because there are many different easy-to-maintain plants to pick from. They can be a decorative and health measure that you can put just about anywhere and forget about them. Low-maintenance plants can do their work without anyone interfering, while you can enjoy all the benefits.


4. Home Spas

A bathroom can be more than just a place to brush your teeth and have a shower in the morning. With a bit of care and investment, your bathroom can be a perfect relaxing haven that helps alleviate stress. To turn your bathroom into a spa, you can add body jets and various steam functionalities to your shower. Or if you prefer to lay down, there is always an option of a whirlpool bath to be installed. While built-in spas offer a dash of luxury, they don’t have to burden your budget.

There are plenty of options to choose from and, you can consider them as an investment in your overall health. Bacteria and germs can’t survive in high temperatures, while you will most certainly enjoy them. Apart from physical health, spas offer a boost to your mental health, as well. Relaxing jets that make the water bubble up, while you slouch in hot water are a perfect de-stress combo. Which is just what the doctor ordered for helping us out during these stressful times.

5. Increase in touchless products

We have touched upon this topic a bit, but to emphasize its importance, it’s worth noting that there are entire specialized areas of bathroom hygiene. From infrared controlled taps to touchless toilet controls and touchless hygiene soap dispensers. Since there is no contact being made with the appliances, you are not getting into contact with germs that are on them.

You can go a step further, and even have automatic doors so that you don’t have to interact with doorknobs. Doorknobs are one of the most infectious and germ transmitters in your home. One added benefit of this will be that your bathroom will look like it came out of a sci-fi movie, which is something you can brag about. The future is here and, it can be in your bathroom as well.


While all of this may seem daunting at first, since there is a lot to take in at once, the most important step is making that first step. Bit by bit, one by one, you will get into the gist of things. Changes will start to appear with noticeable differences and improvements that come with them. Before you know it, you will be done or near completion. As the project comes to its finish, you will notice your overall health improve and, the new bathroom redesign will surely bring much-needed change and refreshment in your life. Equipped with that, you will be more than ready to tackle any modern health situation. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


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