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How Do I Choose a Literature Review Topic?

Literature Review Topic?

A literature review is highly recommended whenever we talk about a scientific journal or field. These literature reviews act as the baseline of the research. However, it’s challenging to find the relevant scientific paper for literature reviews is extremely challenging. This is obvious because no one has much time to invest in reading all the journals to write a quality research paper.

That’s why many people only rely on the summaries of little papers. However, when finding the best paper from scratch, reviewing the literature seems daunting. This is why many research scholars have spent time finding the perfect literature review. However, the biggest hurdle here is most the researcher doesn’t have time and do not have a proper approach to conduct a literature review.

In that situation, they take my assignment help from the experts who can deliver the best literature review for the scientific paper. But if you want to choose the literature review on your own, then here are some of the best tips that help select the best topic for your review of the literature.

Let’s have a look.

What is Literature Review or Review of Literature?

A literature review summarises what has been written on a certain topic by reputable academics and researchers. You could be given one as a distinct assignment, but it’s more likely to be included in the introductory to an essay, review article, or dissertation. Your goal in creating a literature review is to show your audience what ideas and information have been formed on a topic and their strengths and shortcomings. As a piece of journalism, the literature review must be characterized by a guiding notion.

The review of literature has the following things:

  1. Be arranged around and directly connected to the dissertation proposal issue you’re working on
  2. Synthesize findings into a synopsis of what is and isn’t known
  3. Identify areas of disagreement in the literature of review;
  4. Design research questions that need to be answered.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Choosing the Right Review of Literature?

  • Did the author or scientist solve the problem in the paper?
  • If the scope, relevance, severity, and other things are clearly defined in the paper?
  • Could the solutions and the problems have been approaching the journal’s perspective?
  • What is the theoretical framework of the author?
  • Did the author or the scientist evaluate the problems and issues in the literature review?
  • Does the author also include a review of literature based on the research?
  • Does the scientist use basic or advanced research components in the entire journal?
  • How valid and accurate is the information mentioned in the literature review or scientific journal?
  • Does the conclusion support the entire research work or not?
  • Did the author use emotional appeals and examples to support their research work?
  • Is there any objective behind their studies?

When you follow these questions, you will be able to select the best literature review for your work. Here are some more classic rules that help choose the best literature review.

  1. Understand The Topics and Target Audience

When choosing the best topic for the literature review, you may have faced many issues, such as reading a lot of papers and thesis. On the other hand, we don’t have much time to invest in reading tons of papers to consider the topic. Therefore, you need to follow this rule to find the best topic.

  • The idea of the best literature review can come from the papers and key research questions.
  • The best way to choose the literature review is the topic must be interesting to read and have assured references.
  • Target those papers having defined solutions and target the problems.
  • The literature of review you choose must have enough material to write.
  1. Research and Search The Literature Review

If you didn’t select the literature review from the above rule, then you have to conduct the research thoroughly about the literature review. Following these steps to get some ideas about good literature reviews:

  • Track the research papers on advanced science research journal websites
  • You can use a paper management system
  • Track the current research papers or journals that have been published in recent years. This gives you a brief idea about the trending topics.
  • Seek the previously reviewed papers to find the best topic for the literature review
  • You can also read about Education.
  1. Select Topic That You Wish to Research

When you search for a particular term, you probably develop tons of ideas and papers. So, it would be great to focus on the topic you are interested in research. This way, you can easily narrow down the search and find the relevant issues to your work.

Bottom Line

These are some of the golden rules you can use to find the best literature review topic for your research paper. However, you can also take the assignment editing help from MyAssignmentHelpAU to find the best topic and start researching immediately.

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