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How Does Route Planning Influence Waste Management?

How Does Route Planning Influence Waste Management
How Does Route Planning Influence Waste Management

Waste management might seem simple. People dump waste at a designated place and someone picks it up every morning. How much work can that be, right? But little do you know the planning that goes into collecting waste every day!


Effective waste management can be a complex task since it involves a large municipal fleet. While safe collection and dumping are important factors to consider, it is mostly planning routes that need focusing on. 


Let us see how GPS tracking software system’s route planning features improve waste management in a city. 


Why Does a Waste Management Fleet Need Route Planning? 

Route planning is one of the primary things a fleet manager needs to take care of. In this section, let us see why that is! 


  • Dividing Neighborhoods

    While managing waste for an entire city, you need to divide it into neighborhoods. After all, that is much better than deciding which vehicles will go where every morning, right? You can assign specific neighborhoods to specific vehicles and cars so that they can create their own schedules. 


  • Avoid Missing Bins

    Waste collection vehicles might miss small bins at times. This mostly happens when the bins are not properly defined in their planned route. Therefore, with proper route planning, your fleet will empty all vehicles every morning. 


  • Say No To Internal Clashes

    Your waste collection fleet needs route planning through GPS tracking software to avoid two vehicles crossing paths. After all, multiple vehicles reaching the same bin is an utter waste of time and fuel, right? 


  • Time Management

    With route management, each driver will know the neighborhood they have to go to and how long it takes to empty each bin. Therefore, drivers can suggest routes or plan their own time to avoid having to wait at one stop for too long. 


  • Safety from Hazardous Waste

    Chemical and hospital waste can be hazardous. Therefore, waste management vehicles shouldn’t be mixing a lot of waste. Therefore, route planning allows chemical waste collection vehicles to be completely separate from general ones. They do not even enter the same geographical regions! 


  • Higher Productivity

    Planned activities always lead to better productivity. After all, once you know what to do and how to do it, the manual part of it becomes simple, right? Since software does the difficult route planning for you, you can just increase unskilled labor and get the most productive results from your fleet. 


  • Resource Optimization

    Route planning helps you optimize how well your resources are being used. With software, you will save a lot of time and fuel. However, most importantly, none of your vehicles will be idling or not being put to use. This is an important factor in ensuring your investment is put to the right use. 


Don’t Let Your Investment Go to Waste

Fleet management is very important for safe and effective waste management. Therefore, you should opt for software that offers unique waste management solutions. The better the route planning features the software of your choice offers, the better! So, what are you waiting for? Try TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing telematics software now!

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